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2 Key Vape Essentials: Coils & Cotton

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You find yourself on a long drive; you're happily vaping along to your favorite song when suddenly the sensation of burning cotton fills your lungs instead of your specially picked vape juice . Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? What can I possibly do?! This is a very specific scenario, but the idea behind it applies to any situation where vaping is concerned. Vaping requires the replacement of a few parts and in this article, I will be talking about coils and cotton. 

The coils in an electronic cigarette or MOD heat up the juice saturated by the cotton, producing a delicious vapor which is then inhaled. Airflow is very important to happy coils and cotton, otherwise the liquid continues to heat up and would eventually burn, leaving your cotton permanently scarred with the faint burnt taste of that juice. This effect on the cotton can make every drag after taste weird and sometimes even produce a foul taste that isn't anything like the vape juice you just filled it with. If a burnt residue builds up on the cotton or coils, it will contribute to the problem and gradually get worse, as they are used until eventually replaced.

Do you plan to keep the same MOD over an extended period (1+ years)? Keeping track of how often you change each component will help determine why your drags taste burnt or generally gross when they do. Oftentimes the cotton wick will need to be completely replaced more than any other part. Regular maintenance like replacing wicks, cleaning, and even minimal observation will prevent damage to other components due to malfunction, thus extending your overall component life expectancy.

Know yourself. It is important to know your vaping habits. Try to ask yourself questions such as: Do you vape all day on the same device? Do you spread the usage across many devices, reducing the frequency of necessary maintenance? Do you vape a lot of sugary e-juice flavors which tend to build up, making it easier to burn? Do you switch up the flavors and nicotine content? Is your setup/device meant for clouds or for taste, and what is it you want? Is your vape juice thin enough for your cotton/wick? Is your cotton packed too tight preventing it from wicking properly?

What is the weather like? Next, we will focus on temperature and its influence on vaping. Temperature plays an important role in having the ultimate vaping experience. An overheated MOD for instance might cause the e-liquid to change consistency, from a manageable liquid consistency to a thinner easily wicked solution. Cooler temperatures promote thickening, which prevents the wick from absorbing the juice. In colder environments cotton will burn and no juice will flow, which is why sometimes warming the coils and surrounding juice gradually before taking a hit is beneficial. Vape juice consistency works both ways, in warmer climates you might find it is easier to vape because that juice is already warmed and can be wicked, lessening the need to warm up before taking a drag. These temperature changes can be seen just by observing the juice in its container.

All this and more is why it is important to know your device and your vaping tendencies inside out, and why being prepared is never a bad thing. Having extra coils and cotton on hand will ensure that you can continue to vape no matter where you are or what situation you encounter.

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