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Should a Vaper Transfer E-Liquid from One Vape Tank to Another?

Posted by David on

As vapers, sometimes we find that our current setup just isn’t working for us. Maybe the coil is on its way out, or the device isn’t really bringing out the best flavor in our e-liquid, or we have an error message on our mod and we simply don’t have the patience to figure out what’s going on. Even worse, on occasion, our device may die on us completely for no apparent reason.

When these things occur, vapers commonly wonder whether or not it’s okay to transfer their e-liquid from one tank to another.

What to Know About Transferring E-Liquid Between Tanks

As you’ll find out, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as you may have hoped. However, we will be discussing this in full detail so that you can make the best decision for your vaping lifestyle

Be Aware of the Type of Nicotine

The most important thing to keep in mind before moving your vape juice between tanks is the type of e-liquid you’re using in terms of its nicotine content. We know that salt nic vape juices used for pod mod systems are simply not compatible with sub-ohm tanks intended for high-power box mod devices. So, don’t move your salt nic e-liquid to a sub-ohm tank, or else you won’t have a successful vape.

Be Aware of the Output Level

Certain e-liquids are more compatible with lower output ranges than others, and this most often has to do with the nicotine strength and the ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. Before transferring vape juice, take into account the unique qualities of your e-liquid, and ask yourself if it would be compatible with a different setup.

Be Aware of the Coil

Another factor to take into consideration is the coil of each tank. It’s possible that the coil in your other vape tank isn’t really suitable for the vape juice that you have. If this is the case, you may be able to simply switch out the coil, assuming that you have other configurations better suited for your current e-liquid.

Make Sure It’s a Clean Tank

Lastly, make sure that the new tank you plan to use is clean. This means that it must be dumped of any remaining vape juice and rinsed out thoroughly. Even better, it should be completely taken apart, with each individual component cleaned before it’s reassembled. Putting e-liquid into a dirty tank will produce a poor flavor, and will increase the chances of your coil getting gunked up and struggling to operate properly. Besides, cleaning your tank should be a regular practice.

It's Not as Simple as You May Think

Still, it is possible to move vape juice from one tank to another without any problems. However, keep in mind that there are certain things to consider before doing so. Use this guide to go about this transferring process in the right manner so that you can go right back to enjoying your vaping experience.

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