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Starter Vape Kits for Sale

If you want to try vaping but you don’t know where to begin, then a vape starter kit is most likely what you need. They’re a great way to get familiar with the essentials needed to enjoy the world of vaping and to experience different ejuice flavors— we sell a range of vape kits in lots of different styles, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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The easiest style to start vaping with is the e-cig. This beginner-type device is easy to use because it’s compact, maneuverable and has a very straightforward design with few moving parts. It consists of the battery, mod, atomizer and the drip tip. You simply put the ejuice in the atomizer and you're ready to enjoy your vape experience.

Beginner vape kits include everything that you need to start your vaping experience. They normally will include an easy to use mod, coils, charging cable, and spare parts, but you may be required to provide your own batteries. Some vaping kits include ejuice to get you started, so you can try vaping right away.

Another great option for an introduction into vaping is the All In One (AIO) style of vape equipment. The AIO vape setup is exactly what the name implies. You don’t need any extra parts and most models have internal batteries that are externally charged— it’s a good model for people on the move who don’t want to carry extra parts for a vape pen.

When you get a little bit more experienced, then check out the box mods. This style offers advanced vapers the ability to customize the temperature, power and amount of vape being produced. The effect is a completely controlled vaping experience. Many models are durable and can be personalized by changing its color, connecting it to Bluetooth and changing the pull strength.

You’re ready to start vaping, and we have the starter kits beginner vape users need— contact us today for assistance in choosing the right vape kit for you.

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E-cigarette kits are a great way for a new or experienced vaper to get everything they need in one package without having to mix and match various items. Our affordable vape kits come with everything needed to get started such at the battery or box mod, coils, charger, and instructions. Some vape starter kits will even come with a free bottle of vape juice for you to get started on your vaping journey. Buy your vape kits online today! Any questions about kits at The Vape Mall please feel free to contact us at