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Best 2021 Memorial Day E-Juices to Be Vaping from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Memorial Day is a holiday with an important history, and many of us take this day as a chance to spend time with our loved ones, spending hours outdoors with friends and families while we enjoy a day off of work.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #5: Bubbly Burst

What’s more festive than a glass of champagne? If you want to celebrate the holiday in style, Bubbly Burst is for you. Inspired by the iconic mimosa, this e-liquid combines effervescent champagne and fresh OJ. The result is something smooth and refreshing, and perfect for the hot weather.

On the inhale, that bubbly nature hits you in the palate with a nice amount of sweetness and the taste of real champagne. On the exhale, you’ll get the citrusy oranges that are zesty and capable of quenching your thirst.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #4: Cucumber

Cucumbers may not sound like the type of flavor to get excited about, but you really don’t know what you’re missing until you vape a cucumber vape juice. This flavor can refresh the palate like no other, which can be equally useful if you’re getting a bit too hot under the sun or you’ve had one too many in the name of a holiday celebration.

Our Cucumber vape juice begins with that cool and crisp taste that makes the palate sigh a breath of relief. On the exhale, just a hint of sweetness comes through to lift things up.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #3: Strawmallow

If you’re in the mood for a luscious Memorial Day dessert but want to skip the calories, Strawmallow is where it’s at. With layers of creamy marshmallow and juicy strawberries, it tastes like summer with each puff.

When you pull the vapor into your mouth, the seductive marshmallow is present right away with its magnificent silkiness, while the tang of the strawberries hits the spot when you’re feeling particularly hot under the sun. The sweetness and creaminess intensify as you prepare to exhale.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #2: Summer Fling

Summer Fling is a gorgeous blend of blackberries and strawberries, two plump berries that ripen right around this time of year. It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the upcoming summer season, with a taste that’s so authentic you’ll want to vape it all summer long.

As you draw in a puff of vapor, you’ll get the brightness and sharpness of the blackberries, followed by the subtle tang of the strawberries. The flavors get sweeter and sweeter while quenching your thirst with their luscious juices leading up to the exhale.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #1: Orange Dreamsicle

Looking for a familiar treat that always makes us think of summer? If so, then Orange Dreamsicle is the e-liquid treat to grab. Just like that which you know and love, it consists of velvety vanilla ice cream lovingly blended with scrumptious orange sorbet, making for a beautiful blend of flavor notes that satisfy you in every way possible.

The inhale allows you to enjoy that bright, zesty citrus before the vanilla wafts in to add decadence to the experience. The exhale is a dreamy blend of these two flavors mingling together to perfection.

Happy Memorial Day and Enjoy These Made in the USA Vapes!

Now that the start of the summer season is approaching, these e-liquids are the right choices to buy to usher in this exciting transformation. This Memorial Day, you deserve only the most satisfying vapes possible. Enjoy your Memorial Day, from all of us at The Vape Mall!

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