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The New Vaper Persona

Posted by David on

What is the new vaper persona?

Many entered the world of vaping in search for an alternative to cigarettes. The appeal is the look and feel of a cigarette in a more discreet package. Ask a smoker why they smoke, and their answer will carry a tinge of shame and stigma.

Out of the ashes of the burnt-out smoker culture comes something different: a breath of fresh air. The vaper, unlike the smoker, will share their customized device with pride and share the benefits. A genuine vaper doesn’t imitate the smoker. Instead, they stand distinct. Vaping has grown its own community with its own subculture. It is its own movement. This distinguishing nature is a hallmark of the vaper identity.

No two vapers are alike, as seen by the diverse ways that vapers personalize their experience. For instance, customizing a build requires some know-how, so it's no surprise that vapers are tech-smart. Internet savvy, vapers congregate in online forums to discuss modifications and share specs. Whether they’re fine tuning voltage, choosing between a tank or a drip tip, building a fresh coil or finding the right PG to VG ratio in their batch to vape at, every choice becomes an expression of the vaper.

The vaper with the light saber shaped, rebuildable, drip tip mod is a proud nerd and understands that patience and fine tuning make for a richer experience later. Another person with a sleek, portable system, is they type of vaper who enjoys their sessions when on-the-go.

The device of choice becomes an extension of the vaper, reflecting their unique personality. Even the e-juice customizes to match the vaper: sweet, sour, minty or something mysterious.

What can we say about the vaper persona in general when variety is the name of the game? Vapers are conscious and unashamed. They value individuality and seek ways to express their personalities. They are tech-savvy and they understand internet culture. Most of all, they a lot of them are do-it-yourself types who aren't afraid to get their hands oily to create the experience just the way they like it.

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