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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Vaporesso XROS Nano Kit

Posted by David on

Vaporesso never fails to provide a lot to the vaping community, thanks to their stunning lineups of top-quality pod mods over the last several years. Now, the latest and greatest system from this great company is Vaporesso XROS Nano Pod System Kit. This device has some neat features, a user-friendly design, and nice aesthetic appeal, all coming together to bring vapers everywhere the ideal pod-based setup capable of satisfying every vaping need.

What is the Vaporesso XROS Nano Kit?

Not only does Vaporesso’s XROS Nano Pod System contain a powerfully integrated 1000mAh battery, but it also has a draw-activated firing mechanism and is compatible with XROS Pod Series. Powered by the AXON chipset, the XROS Nano Pod System is the latest installment in the XROS Pod System Series. Maintaining compatibility with the XROS Pod Series, the smaller form factor of the XROS Nano Pod System makes it a great option for those that are on-the-go or traveling. Adopting an airflow control switch, vapers can find the ideal amount of airflow to deliver the finest flavor from their favorite The Vape Mall freebase and salt-based nicotine e-liquids loaded into the 2mL pod.

Using the Vaporesso XROS Nano Kit: A Guide

Time to walk you through the process of using the XROS Nano, so that you can start enjoying its various capabilities within minutes of taking it outta the box.

Step #1: Remove the XROS Nano and all the other contents from the box. In the box you’ll find a 1 0.8ohm XROS Mesh Pod and a 1.2ohm XROS Pod.

Step #2: You will need to charge your device. To do so, locate the charging port, and then plug it into your USB cable. The device charges within two hours, and once it reaches a full charge, the battery indicator will let you know.

Step #3: While the pod mod is charging, prepare your pod(s) by just filling the pod with the compatible e-liquid at its Top Fill System. Wait several minutes before attaching it to the mod, as this will let the e-liquid fully prime the coil.

Step #4: Next, you can attach the cartridge to the pod mod, thanks to its magnetic pod connection, and turn the device ON by taking a simple draw.

Final Step: From here, take your first hit from the ergonomic mouthpiece and see how it feels in terms of short or longer pulls.

Now that you know how to use Vaporesso XROS Nano Kit, begin really checking out what it can do for your vaping sessions, as well as find out what makes this unit such a standout in our industry in terms of draw-activated mechanism pod mods.

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