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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Battery Safety

Battery Safety Tips for ecigs and mods.

-Always carry batteries in a battery case.

-Never carry or store your batteries loose or near metallic objects(ie: keys, coins, etc.)

-Always keep your batteries dry and away from water.

-Never expose your batteries to an open flame.

-Batteries are not recommended for use with a mechanical mod, use only a regulated device with a proper 510 connection, do not use a device where the tank, dripper, atomizer touches the bare battery.

-Do not put your ecig battery or mod in your pocket, purse, or any other place with it powered on. Always remove the battery and/or turn off the device. Do not put batteries in your pocket with putting them in a protective case.

-Do  not use mis matched batteries, if buying batteries in pairs or more buy the same batteries at the same time and always charge and discharge at the same time using a quality charger. 

-Use proper name brand batteries with an appropriate discharge amp rating for the tank or dripper and ohm coil you are using.

-Visually inspect your batteries regularly. If the wrapper is damaged in any way DO NOT USE IT. It is important to either replace the battery or take the battery to a shop to have it re-wrapped.

-Do not overcharge or over discharge your batteries. If a battery has been over charged/discharged DO NOT USE IT and properly discard it.

-For mod(batteries) that come with an internal battery always use the recommended charger that comes with the device. 

-Do not not use cell phone or tablet chargers to charge up your mod(batteries). Use only approved charges including usb and wall chargers. 

-Never charge a battery in a car, always use the appropriate AC outlet(standard home outlet). USB charging is not recommended for batteries as it does not provide the safety of a stand alone charge such as a Nitecore or Xtar charger found Here

-Do not charge your batteries unattended or while sleeping. Do Not charge your batteries overnight

-Check on charging batteries periodically (recommended every 30 min) and promptly remove them from the charger as soon as they finished charging.

-Do not expose your battery extreme temperatures both heat and cold.

-Properly recycle dead batteries. In the U.S. it’s illegal to dispose of these batteries in normal household trash. Most communities and many stores have recycling programs in place.

-Check your charging cables regularly to make sure there are no cut wires or bad connections.

-Check batteries to make sure there is no damage and batteries are properly wrapped with no cuts or tears. 

-Clean the tops of your ego style batteries(pen style ecig batteries)

-Check for damage on batteries and chargers including wiring and insulation jacket.

-Replace batteries if they are damaged or wet. 

-If using a mod and rebuildable atomizer or tank  please have knowledge of Ohms Law( and always use a ohm meter and/or multimeter before using you device(s)

-Follow the manufacturer’s markings for correct polarity (+ / -).


-More info on battery safety can be found here.    and