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Custards & Creams


How do I choose a vape juice flavor and nicotine strength?

With so many flavor options, we understand how hard it is to decide on a vape juice. Do you want a vape with tobacco notes, or a cool menthol? Do you like sweet, sour, fruity, or minty flavors? If you’re a big fan of creamy desserts like custard and strawberries and bananas with cream, you’ll love our Custard and Cream E-liquids.

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We have different sizes ranging from 5 ml for beginners, to 500 ml for enthusiasts who know what they like. You can even choose to add sweetener to your vape juice if you have a sweet tooth.

When switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, it’s important to accurately determine which nicotine level will suit your lifestyle. Shoot too low, and you could be having nic fits for days until you can get a higher dosage; too high, and you’ll be feeling sick and disoriented with each hit.

When deciding which nicotine level is best for you, consider the intensity of the hit you wish you receive. For reference, 15 mg in a vape is comparable to most traditional tobacco cigarettes, so this is a safe bet if you’re a regular smoker.

If you decide that you want a weaker hit, move down one level to 12 mg. Or, if you need a more intense hit, bump it up to 18 mg. If your goal is to wean off nicotine for good, then start with the amount that matches your current tobacco product and gradually reduce the nicotine level over time.

Does vape juice expire?

Yes. Unfortunately, your vape juice won’t last forever. E-Liquids have expiration dates of 1-2 years when stored properly and kept away from extreme heat. The components of vape juices are nicotine, PG and VG, which all have an expiration date of 2 years.

Shop with us today for e-juice that comes in your favorite creamy custard and yogurt flavors!