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Tobacco E-Liquid


If you're switching from smoking to vaping, starting out with tobacco e-liquid flavors is probably the most effective way to make the transition a successful one. Many smokers jump right into the flavors that taste like their favorite drinks or desserts, but it doesn’t offer the same satisfying aroma as tobacco, and they just go right back to smoking.

If you really enjoy smoking cigarettes, giving them up is going to be tough. But with our quality tobacco flavored vape juices, you'll still be able to enjoy the tobacco taste and feel of smoking without all the harmful side effects.

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Finding the Right Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

Not all tobacco tastes the same. Just like when you smoked cigarettes, different brands have different flavor notes. Whether you’re a menthol smoker or you prefer standard tobacco, our tobacco vape juice can be blended and mixed to your preferences. Mixing a tobacco e-juice flavor with a menthol will give you just the right taste and throat hit to keep away cigarette cravings.

Experiment with the ratios and find which one suits you best! We offer the perfect sized sample packs that you can try out first before committing to standard sized bottles. After all, you don't want to buy a big bottle of e-juice that you end up hating and throwing away.

Finding the Right Strength of Nicotine

If you're switching from smoking cigarettes to tobacco vaping, you want your vapor to have the same taste and feel of your favorite brand of cigarettes, or else you won’t commit to the change.

Along with customizing the flavor, you can also choose a variety of nicotine strengths; this will determine the level of throat hit you get when you inhale the vapor. If you want the same feel of smoking when you vape, you may have to experiment with different levels of nicotine in your e-liquids.

This chart will help you find the right nicotine level for you:

  • 3mg – 6mg: for light smokers
  • 12mg: for medium to heavy smokers who smoked light cigarettes
  • 18mg – 24mg: for heavy smokers who smoked regular strength cigarettes

If you were a relatively light smoker you may want to start with the lowest amount of nicotine and eventually get down to zero. If you want a solid throat hit, however, you might want to start with the 12mg and slowly transition to the lower amounts.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Yes, it does. But you'll probably use it all long before its expiration date. Most e-juice manufacturers will stamp an expiration date on the bottles and it's usually 1-2 years from the date of manufacture.

However, if you're buying your vape juice in bulk and stocking up on them, here are some tips for long-term storage to make sure your e-juices won't go bad before the expiration date:

  1. Store them in a cool, dry area, but not in the refrigerator!
  2. Keep your juice bottles away from direct sunlight, heat and oxygen. Make sure the bottles are closed tight and store them in a dry cabinet or cupboard.

You might notice that some of your e-liquids look like they're changing colors or turning brown while they're sitting. This is not necessarily a problem. As long as they've been properly stored and you’ve purchased them within the last two years, they haven't expired early and are still good to use.

Shop with us today for e-liquids in tobacco flavors!