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Vape Parts & Accessories

At The Vape Mall, we are proud to offer vaporizer parts that help you have an excellent vape experience. Whether you are new to vaping and want to start out with high-quality vape accessories, or you are in need of replacement parts or an essential tool, you can count on us. We provide you with a fun shopping experience, excellent customer service and the best replacement vaporizer parts available.

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Vaporizer Accessories

The right vaporizer accessories make a big difference in your vaping experience. Our durable ceramic tweezers will not scratch the glass or any other surface, and they are easy to manipulate. We also have volt checkers, so you can see how much charge your vaporizer has left in it at the start or end of a vaping session. Our other cool vape accessories include silicone cases and lanyard systems. These make it easier for you to vape when traveling.

Break the glass on your e-cigarette tank? Damage the base, need cotton, wire, or a 510 adapter? Here at The Vape Mall we have all your spare parts for your e-cig vape device. Don't see what you need? Email us at and we will see if we can order it.

We carry a wide range of vape parts, allowing you to fix your e-cigarette quickly. No matter what kind of attachment or rebuildable e-cig part you need, such as glass tanks or bases, we have them. We carry replacement parts for popular vaporizers from the top vape brands, such as Aspire, ELeaf, Kanger, Smok and many others.

Replacement Vaporizer Parts

If your glass cracked or shattered, we can set you up with a new glass tube or glass canister. We also have replacement bases for multiple makes and models of vaporizers, including those made by Aspire and Kanger. You can also find replacement coils and wires, tips, tank extensions and cases. Browse our selection of quality vape supplies today.