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Evaporation of an E-Juice Over Time

Posted by David on

Have you ever refilled your vape tank, put it down for a while and returned, only to find that there was way less e-liquid in there than there was when you initially refilled it? If this has happened to you, know that your eyes aren’t deceiving you. E-liquid is, well, a liquid, which means that it can evaporate, especially under specific circumstances.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent losing too much vape juice. Before we get into those, let’s explain why that e-liquid is evaporating in the first place.

Yes, It Can and Here’s How…

When your e-juice is sitting in your tank, it’s exposed to all sorts of conditions that speed up the evaporation process. For one thing, your tank has more holes in it than, say, a vape juice bottle that’s tightly closed. And, of course, evaporation is just an inevitable process that happens when any liquid is exposed to oxygen.

What Makes it Evaporate More Quickly?

There are two main factors that determine how quickly an e-liquid will evaporate, and those are heat and light. Heat, as we know, speeds up the evaporation process by forcing liquid molecules to become gas. We know this because we’ve all boiled water before.

Light is a bit different. When light is introduced into a liquid, it essentially distorts the molecules so that they break down more quickly. Broken down molecules evaporate into the air at a faster rate.

Prevention Tips

Now that you know it’s possible, here what you can to do possibly avoid it from happening:

Tip #1: Leave Your Tank in a Cool, Dark Place

Because heat and light are enemies of your e-juice, try storing your tank in a cool and dark place when you’re not using your mod. Keeping it in a cabinet can work, as can keeping it in your closet. Or, if you carry a bag or purse, store it in there so it’s safe from heat and light.

Tip #2: Finish What You Have Before Switching Setups

Some vapers tend to switch between a variety of setups throughout the week depending on what they’re trying to get out of their vaping experience at any given moment. This means that they may put their sub-ohm tank and box mod away in favor of a pod system. Now, that’s fine, but if you’re filling your tank and then putting it aside for days at a time, know that your e-liquid is going to evaporate. So, if you can, consider finishing off what’s left in your tank before switching to a different setup.

Tip #3: Pour Extra E-Juice Back into Its Bottle

The easiest thing that you can do is simply pour whatever is left in your tank back into your bottle.

Keep These Prevention Tips Handy

While e-juice can evaporate more quickly if it’s left in your tank, there are some simple ways to prevent losing too much juice. Follow this guide so that you don’t waste your batch.

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