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Strong or Weak: How to Choose Strength

If you’re a former smoker who is switching to vaping, you’re likely unsure of exactly how much nicotine you consumed each day.

Or, if you’ve never smoked in your life and you’re taking up vaping as a hobby, you might be lost on how much nicotine (if any) you want in your e-juice.

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The Equivalent of One Cigarette: 16mg 

It’s important for former smokers to choose the correct level of strength. If you’ll be using vaping a method of smoking cessation, don’t make the mistake of starting out at too low of a dose. Our e-juice comes in a variety of nicotine levels, so if you need to start at a higher dose before tapering off, be sure it’s enough to stave off cravings. Likewise, consuming too much strength will also produce unpleasant side effects like nausea and jitters.

That said, most former smokers tend to start out with 16mg vape juice. At this level, one casual vape session amounts to around the same  level as a typical cigarette break. Once you feel comfortable vaping at that level, you can adjust your nicotine as you see fit.

All About E-juice: What You Need to Know

There are three types of vape juice.

  • Vegetable glycerin, a thick extract made from vegetable oil that is known to produce big vape clouds.
  • Propylene glycol, a thinner liquid made from a petroleum byproduct, which is known to produce a greater throat hit.
  • A juice that is made from a mix of these two materials.

There are slight differences in each type of juice, but it’s really up to personal preference. Some prefer the taste and consistency of vegetable-based juices, while others like the cooling throat hit that comes from a good propylene-based juice. You may want to experiment with both varieties to find out which one suits you best.

Many vapers like to collect a variety of juices to suit different moods. However, it’s important to remember that most e-juices expire after one to two years, so if you plan on collecting a lot of flavors, be sure to rotate their use according to age, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Sweet, Savory or Something Else: Choosing Your Flavor

There are vape juices that taste like cigarettes, but since many vapers don’t enjoy the taste of tobacco, we provide plenty of other delicious options, including our selection of e-liquid inspired by your favorite drinks. Choose from fruity jungle juice, thick Irish cream, or even iced tea! Once you get comfortable with vaping and figure out which base you prefer, you can begin exploring all the different varieties of flavors we have to offer.

Choosing from the huge variety of flavors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping – you’ll never get bored! In this category, you’ll find e-juice for every tasty drink flavor you can imagine, from strawberry milkshake to refreshing grape soda. Not only will it help you curb your smoking habit, it also lets you enjoy the flavors of sweet drinks without the added calories.

For more information on vaping, e-juice flavors, or nicotine levels, feel free to contact us today.