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Regulated Mods

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Regulated mods or vaping will have a chip in them that will regulate the wattage. They will allow you to adjust the wattage up or down on the mod(or battery) creating a warmer or cooler vape depending on your personal preference. Some regulated mods will come with internal batteries and some will require batteries purchased separately. Any questions we can be reached at

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Advantages of Regulated Mods

Regulated box mods are a safer alternative to mechanical mods for a few reasons. Even though some mechanical mods may look simpler to use and have a sleek design, we believe there are more reasons to buy a regulated box mod.

Differences Between Regulated and Mechanical Mods

Some vape shops may encourage new users to buy mechanical mods because they are relatively easy to use. Since they are not electronic, you just push a button and start vaping. However, a major negative about mech mods is that there is no control for wattage or heat, so they can overheat, making them a bit less safe than a regulated mod.

In addition, without the integrated circuitry and electronics of regulated mods, mechanical mods have no adjustment buttons or digital displays so you really have no control over your vaping experience. You just push the button and vape.

Many vapers want more control and want the ability to make adjustments, so we think it's best to go for a regulated box mod.

Feature-Rich Regulated Mods

Other important features of regulated vape mods that mechanical mods do not have:

  1. Internal electronics. With at least one integrated circuit, regulated mods have a display and buttons for easy interaction with the device.

  2. Control of wattage and voltage. You can adjust these settings for a cooler or warmer vapor output.

  3. Built-in safety features to protect against, overheating, incorrect battery installation short circuits, over-current conditions, and more.

  4. Control of the coil temperature. If your mod has a stainless steel, titanium or nickel coil, limiting or controlling the temperature help you avoid that harsh dry hit if you don't have enough e-juice in your tank.

  5. LCD or LED Display buttons. These allow you see the settings on your mod and make any necessary adjustments.


These features make regulated mods much safer than mechanical mods and allow you to experience the full range of modern vaping devices.


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