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Why are Some Vape Tanks Compatible with One or Multiple Mods?

Posted by David on

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve likely spent a good amount of time checking out the latest hardware to hit the market. Mods and tanks are like toys to most vapers, and many of enjoy collecting a broad range of hardware pieces to add to our collection.

However, there’s one question that most vapers have, and it’s in regard to the compatibility of tanks and mods. While some vapers may think that any tank can be attached to any mod, that’s really not the case. In fact, trying to attach an incompatible tank to a mod can be disastrous, not just for your hardware but for you.

The good news is that this compatibility factor isn’t nearly as mysterious or complicated as you may think. There are some simple ways to determine whether or not a tank can safely be used with a particular mod. Allow us to break down all of the factors that must be considered.

Coil’s Resistance Level

First, you have to consider the resistance level of the coil that you plan to use with your new tank. Almost any tank that you purchase will come with coils that were made by the manufacturer to help the tank perform at its highest level. However, as you know, the resistance level of a coil shares a direct relationship with the wattage of your device. If the coil’s resistance level is not compatible with the wattage range of your mod, you can burn out your coil.

Diameter of the Tank

Another factor to take into consideration is the diameter of the tank compared to the size of your mod. A lot of tanks have wide diameters that cause overhang. While this isn’t necessarily a compatibility issue, it can make things difficult because overhang can increase the risk of cracking or damaging your tank. It means that each time you put your tank down, you have to be very careful not to let the glass of the tank knock into anything.


As you know, most mods and tanks on the market share a 510-threaded connection. This refers to that little screw that allows a tank to easily screw onto the mod. That being said, most sub-ohm tanks on the market are compatible with virtually any sub-ohm mod in the physical sense. As long as they both have that connection, they can physically fit together.

Type of Device

Of course, the type of tank and type of mod matter tremendously. For instance, you can’t just use any sub-ohm tank with a mech mod. Similarly, you can’t use a pod mod with a sub-ohm tank, as we all know. Remember that there are lots of different vaping styles out there these days, and each one has its own type of mod and tank. So, make sure that both your mod and tank are designed for the same style of vaping, whether it be pod vaping, sub-ohm vaping, squonking, dripping or any other style that’s popular.

Wattage of the Device

The wattage of your device, as we said, has a lot to do with the coil’s resistance level. But, it also has a lot to do with the type of material from which your tank should be made. If you’re using a high-wattage device, you don’t want to use a tank that’s made from materials that aren’t heat-resistant. For instance, there are a lot of plastic tanks on the market today, and these should not be used with a high-wattage box mod.

What to Consider Before Attaching a New Tank to Your Mod

Now, let’s get into the things that you need to ask yourself before using a new mod and tank configuration.

Was it Made by the Same Manufacturer?

Generally speaking, it’s always best to use a tank that was specially made to be used with a certain mod. Most companies create starter kits that consist of a mod and accompanying tank. For most vapers, this configuration is perfect. However, we understand that some vapers like to experiment with different configurations to enjoy different vaping attributes. If that’s the case, we do suggest that you still try to stick with the same manufacturer.

Does the Product Description Specify How it Can be Used?

When you are looking for new tanks, make a point to see if the product descriptions specify which types of mods they can be used with. Some companies will be very clear about which tanks you can use with certain mods, and this information must be followed. As you know, certain configurations can actually be dangerous and cause your battery to combust.

Is it Crafted for the Same Style of Vaping?

If you’re shopping for a sub-ohm tank, you’d better be using a high-wattage box mod that’s made for sub-ohm vaping. Similarly, if you’re looking for a squonk box, you need to be searching for a bottom-feeding RDA. In other words, always stick with a category of tanks that is known to go with the vaping style that your mod was designed to provide.

Quality is Important

Lastly, the quality of the tank is equally important as its compatibility. If you’re using a powerful mod with a cheap tank, you’re going to be disappointed. Even if a tank is totally compatible with your mod, if it’s made with flimsy materials, it’s not going to last very long, which means that you’ll have wasted money. When it comes to vaping hardware, always go with highly respected and trusted brands who produce reliable and durable products.

That Perfect Vaping Match

Use this guide the next time you think about trying out a new tank with one of your mods. As you can see, there are definitely tanks out there that are compatible with a wide range of mods. However, it’s important to thoroughly check the specs of any tank to make sure that it can safely be combined with your other hardware pieces.

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