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What Practices Should Vapers Follow When Dripping?

Posted by David on

Dripping is a vaping style that has taken the industry by storm, having been introduced a number of years ago and remaining enormously popular to this day. In short, dripping is a vaping style that involves pouring a bit of e-liquid directly onto the coil and taking a couple hits, before repeating the process. Its main advantages are bigger clouds and stronger flavor, because essentially, you’re concentrating your vapor by applying it straight to the coil rather than having it sit around in a tank.

What Vapers Should Know and Do

This style of vaping is considered advanced, mainly because it requires extra time, caution and unique equipment.

Make Sure Your Equipment is Up for the Task

First, you’re going to need to make sure that you have the right hardware. The main difference between a dripping setup and a standard vape setup is the atomizer. With sub-ohm vaping, we use a standard vape tank with a cylindrical juice well, into which the coil is installed to absorb a steady amount of vape juice. But, a dripping setup requires an RDA, which is a type of rebuildable atomizer that is not meant to hold lots of juice. An RDA gives you easy access to the coil, onto which the e-liquid is dripped to make this vaping style possible.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll also need a high-wattage box mod, like the kind that is used for sub-ohm vaping.

Make Sure Your E-Liquid is as High in Quality as Possible

Dripping is all about getting a more concentrated flavor and fluffier clouds. So, that means that you’ll want to have the best vape juice possible, or else that concentrated flavor might actually be unpleasant. This is the type of vaping style that requires the most premium e-juice that’s on the market. It will be well worth it when you get that magnificent taste that comes from high-quality ingredients. Further, low-quality vape juices may contain ingredients that gunk up your coil or burn easily, ruining your hits.

Choose a Compatible Coil

Choosing a compatible coil is more important than ever when it comes to dripping, as the relationship between the coil and your vaping experience is emphasized due to the nature of what you’re doing. Pay careful attention to the specs of the coil before installing it, to ensure that it’s made for the wattage that you’ll be vaping at.

Be Mindful of How Much E-Liquid Your Pour onto Your Coil

With dripping, it’s all about precision. To drip successfully, you should only pour three to five drops onto your coil each time. Too much will flood your coil, while too little can cause dry hits and potentially burn out your coil.

Always Check for the Drip Tip Before Taking a Hit

One major mistake that new drippers make is forgetting to put the drip tip back onto the atomizer before taking a hit. We remove the drip tip so that we can gain access to the coil onto which we will pour our e-liquid. Then, when the device is fired, that coil gets very hot. Forgetting to return the drip tip to the atomizer means that you will burn your mouth, possibly in a severe way.

Only Take as Many Hits as the E-Liquid Will Allow

When you finally take hits from that little bit of e-juice poured onto the coil, you have to monitor how many you take. You’re not saturating the coil enough to produce several big hits of vapor. You can only really get a couple in. Don’t try to milk it by taking more hits than the juice quantity will allow, or else you’ll burn your coil.

Maintain Your Hardware Properly

Finally, make sure that you clean your RDA routinely to keep it operating properly. Once a week should suffice.

Dripping Can Be Fantastic to Do, as Long as It’s Done Properly

If you’re looking to take your vapes to the next level, then dripping is a great choice. As you can see, it does require some extra time and effort, and uses some different hardware from what you’re likely used to, but drippers will tell you that it’s totally worth it. Follow this guide to make sure that you have the best dripping experience possible.

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