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5 Neat Smoke Tricks You Can Do with a Glass or Silicone Chillum

Posted by David on

If you want to enjoy your favorite dry herb and show off to your friends at the same time, there’s nothing like a smoke trick to scratch that itch. Especially, when you’re using a glass or silicone chillum. These [one-hitters] contain bowl can hold enough material for several draws. In fact, some of them even have an ash catcher which serves to keep every smoking session smooth as possible. This in turn, really makes those smoke tricks look pretty awesome to do.

What Smoke Tricks Can You Pull Off Using a Glass or Silicone Chillum?

Now, you’re here because you wanna know some cool smoke tricks using your glass or silicone pipe A lot of people are intimidated by smoke tricks, but essentially, it really just takes some dedicated practice to master tricks like the ones below. And, yes, you can pull them off as well with a chillum as you can a large bong, so there’s no need to run out and get a new piece to practice.

Smoke Trick #1: The Lasso

To get the lasso down, you need to have a strong smoke ring game. So, let’s start there. To blow a smoke ring, you want to take in a good amount of smoke, but never draw it into your lungs – instead, keep it in your throat and know that you may cough the first few times.

Next, hold your tongue in the back of your throat pointed toward the floor of your mouth, and make a silent “ooh” sound while holding your lips out in an “o” shape. Practice this and eventually smoke rings will come out.

To turn your rings into the lasso, you’ll need to blow a large ring, and use the flat of your palm to push it out in front of you. Then, quickly blow a smaller ring so it passes through the large one.

Smoke Trick #2: The Bending O

Another fun thing that you can do with smoke rings is known as the bending O. This time, go to blow a smoke ring while cupping one side of your mouth with your hand. As the ring is making its way out of your mouth, use your hand to gently guide it outward, and as you’re caressing the side, the side will bend and change shape.

Smoke Trick #3: Shotgun

This is a smoke trick that requires two people, and also should be done with someone you’re relatively close with due to the fact that your mouths will be just a couple of inches away from one another. It’s also an easy trick. After taking a hit of smoke, when you’re ready to exhale, you’ll want to sit facing the other person, and you will cup your hands around your mouth and your partner will cup their hands over yours while leaning in so that both mouths are close to one another. Now, when you exhale, they’re going to inhale, basically taking a hit from your recycled smoke.

Smoke Trick #4: The Tornado

One of the best tricks to show off at a party is the tornado, since it’s both rare and impressive. First, take in your smoke and, like you do with smoke rings, you’ll hold it in your throat. When you’re ready to exhale, put your lips onto a flat surface (a table, etc.) and exhale. The smoke will linger on the surface for a while, and as quickly as you can, use a karate chop-like motion to draw an L into the smoke, quickly pushing your hand across the smoke and then upward in a straight line. The result will be that the smoke is twisting upward, like a tornado.

Smoke Trick #5: The Bull Ring

The bull ring is another two-person trick that’s a lot of fun. Have someone sit a foot away from you, facing toward you. Now, go to blow a smoke ring, aiming at their nose. As the ring is about to make contact with their face, ask them to inhale through their nose. For just a moment, it will look like they have a bull ring (a ring around their septum) before they inhale.

Practice Makes Perfect with Smoke Tricks

These smoke tricks are great for parties or even just for practicing at home, but remember, they all take effort and dedication. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any the first time – keep trying, and you’ll soon be a smoke trick pro.

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