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Vaping: Should You Be Counting Those Calories?

Posted by David on

If you’ve been trying to slim down, you might be wondering if your vaping hobby is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. After all, so many e-juices come in sinfully sweet flavors that mimic the snacks and desserts we don’t dare consume regularly. Many of us treat ourselves to flavors like doughnuts, cupcakes, gummy candies and cookies in an e-liquid form on a daily basis.

Obviously, vaping a cookie flavor doesn’t affect the body in the way that actually eating a cookie does. Still, many vapers are left wondering if e-liquid actually has any calories, and if so, what those calories are doing to their waistlines. We’re going to get into exactly how vape juice impacts your weight loss goals whether you’re using a salt-based or freebase e-juice.

Should You be Counting Calories While You Vape?

In short, no. As it turns out, e-liquid does in fact have calories. However, those calories are minimal to say the least. Each milliliter of e-liquid contains about four or five calories. If you purchase a 30ml bottle of juice, you’ll consume about 120 to 150 calories before the bottle is empty.

Now, how often you vape will determine how many calories you take in each day from your e-liquid. For example, if you vape 1mL of e-liquid a day, that’s four or five calories daily. If you go through 5mL in a day, you’re looking at 20 to 25 calories.

Now, let’s start putting things into perspective. A stalk of celery contains six calories, therefore having more than a milliliter of e-liquid. Meanwhile, the average cupcake possesses 130 or so calories. As you can see, the calories in e-liquid definitely aren’t abundant enough to make you gain weight.

Plus, keep in mind that the average person burns somewhere around 50 calories per hour while they’re sleeping. In other words, there’s really no point in counting the calories that are in vape juice.

Where Do Those Calories Go?

Another issue when it comes to counting the calories in e-liquid is that they’re not being digested. Scientists don’t really know what happens to the calories that are absorbed into the lungs. Therefore, there’s a good chance that those calories aren’t actually affecting you in the same way that the calories in food do.

Will Vaping Make Me Gain Weight?

By now, it should be clear that vaping won’t make you gain weight. In fact, many vapers have noticed that they don’t feel as tempted to indulge in sugary snacks simply because they’re vaping the flavor that they find themselves craving on a regular basis.

Additionally, nicotine is a stimulant and appetite suppressant, meaning that it’s capable of making you lose a small amount of weight if consumed on a daily basis. This is why many people gain a few pounds after quitting smoking.

Vape Away!

As you can see, you can vape away without thinking about the calories that you’re consuming while enjoying your hobby. If you’re trying to shed some weight, vaping will not interfere with your efforts.

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