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Pros and Cons of Using Either Glass or Silicone Herbal Pipes

Posted by David on

Even though technology has evolved in a way that allows us to enjoy our herb in the form of electronic devices, pipes still remain a highly popular way to consume our product. It’s no wonder when you consider the many advantages that they offer. Today, there are two highly popular types of pipes that users enjoy the most, and they are glass pipes and silicone pipes.

So, which type of pipe is better than the other? Can you even compare the two appropriately?

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are more traditional as they have been around for a longer period of time. Therefore, they remain the most popular out of the two. But, are they actually superior?


One thing that most pipe users agree upon is that glass pipes produce a better-quality smoke, in terms of flavor and consistency. Something about the glass material seems to improve the taste of each hit. And, it seems that with glass pipes, the quality remains high even as the pipe becomes old.

Another advantage is that glass pipes tend to be more attractive than silicone ones. Glass pipes come in intricate patterns of colors, meaning that users can thoroughly enjoy picking out one that speaks to their aesthetic preferences.

Also, glass pipes tend to be easier to clean and maintain than their silicone counterparts.


As we know, glass pipes are prone to breaking, as silicone pipes are not. Therefore, they must be used more cautiously, and will likely need to be replaced frequently.

Silicone Pipes

Silicone pipes are made completely of silicone, and they’re a bit newer than the glass pipes that many are used to.


Silicone pipes tend to be cheaper than glass pipes, because the material itself is cheaper to produce, and because less labor is involved in producing them. Silicone pipes are far more resilient than glass ones as the material does not shatter, and in most cases, will not crack. If you’re accident-prone, a silicone pipe may be better suited for you.


Silicone pipes require more maintenance, because debris tends to stick to the material more than it does glass. Plus, while glass can handle abrasive materials during cleaning sessions, silicone cannot. This means that you’ll have to clean it more frequently, and more carefully.

Plus, silicone pipes tend to be less visually appealing than glass ones, because silicone does not allow for the intricate patterns and colors that are associated with glassblowing techniques.

A more notable drawback is that it seems as though silicone pipes do not provide as satisfying of a smoke as glass pipes. The glass material seems to be better at preserving the taste and the smoothness of the smoke, while silicone pipes seem to be subpar in this department. Additionally, due to the nature of silicone, it seems that the quality of the smoke seems to decrease as time goes on, meaning that you may end up replacing your silicone pipes very frequently in order to ensure that you’re consistently satisfied with your smoking sessions.

Choice is Yours Dry Herb Users

As you can see, each one has plenty of pros and cons, meaning that it all comes down to personal preference. If you wanna make sure that you’re getting the best herb experience, you should try both and see which one best fits your herbal needs at The Vape Mall!

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