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The History of Aspire

Posted by David on

Aspire’s influence over the trajectory of the vaping industry can’t be overstated. The brand has singlehandedly ushered in new eras of vaping with their constant innovations that challenge our notions of what hardware is capable of. Not one of the oldest brands on the market, they wasted no time launching one impressive output after another, and now, they’re regarded as one of the most forward-thinking yet reliable manufacturers in the industry.

So, we’re happy to offer such a prestigious brand to our customers, and that’s why we want to highlight some of their biggest successes over the years.

Aspire’s Early Days

Aspire was established in 2010, within a few years of when other industry legends like SMOK, Vaporesso, Kanger, and GeekVape arrived. That being said, their climb to success is nothing short of impressive, as they started out during one of the most competitive eras in the hardware industry.

Aspire’s facilities are located in the city of Shenzhen, China, as neighbors to the brands we listed above. Shenzhen is the mecca for the vaping industry, being home to the most legendary vape hardware brands in history, so it’s no surprise that Aspire has made itself comfortable alongside its direct competitors. Their parent brand, Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., was launched in 2010, and is regarded as one of the very best tech companies in the region.

The brand was founded by former smokers, which always tells you something about the company’s integrity. It means that the products are researched, developed, and tested by vapers themselves, who understand the challenges that individuals face when switching from analogs to vaping technology. This has also motivated them to offer some of the most innovative yet user-friendly products on the market, as their emphasis on entry-level tech has made them a very popular choice among first-time vapers who want satisfaction without any hassle. Over the years, the brand has teamed up with numerous advocacy groups, including the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), to support vapers as they switch from tobacco, while allowing for fair regulations throughout the industry that benefit consumers and vape brands alike. The brand has also been directly involved with the New York State Vapor Assocation (NYSVA) to fight legislature that negatively impacts the lives of vapers through harsh regulations and bills.

Aspire’s very first product was a relatively simple pen-style e-cigarette, of the disposable nature – the type of vaping system that dominated the industry’s earliest days, before box mod systems began to pop up. Within a couple of years, they began to follow the industry trend of developing products that allowed consumers to fill atomizers with the e-liquids of their choice. So, they released their CE5 Clearomizer, which can be described as an early prototype of the soon-to-be-ubiquitous sub-ohm tank. Aspire offered some of the most popular models of this nature, helping to bring the vaping public as a whole into a more customizable and high-tech means for vaping.

In 2014, Aspire changed history with the release of their Nautilus Sub-Ohm Tank – now regarded as the first sub-ohm tank in history – and this not only made sub-ohm tanks the norm, but also initiated a wave of innovative coil designs that advanced vaping even further. The Nautilus is still a top-rated tank on the market, and various iterations of it have been released since. The coils that are made to complement the tank are just as highly regarded, even as the industry has evolved.

The success of the Nautilus in 2014 led to new developments from the brand – mainly the Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank and the Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank, released within a year of the Nautilus. That same year, we were introduced to the Aspire CF-Sub Ohm Battery, a high-drain device made to be compatible with the Atlantis and the Cleito.

In 2016 came the extremely popular Aspire PockeX, one of the first high-powered all-in-one vaping kits, in a pen style to combine travel-friendliness with powerful vaping capabilities. The Pocket X was reimagined in 2021, as a box mod system.

Aspire wasted no time to get in on the pod system craze in the beginning of the 2020s, which still endures to this day. They created some of the first highly advanced yet ultra-user-friendly pod systems, including the Gotek series, the Vilter, the Flexus, and many more. These devices generally offer streamlined interfaces for beginners, along with striking features that improve flavor and vapor quality.

Overall, Aspire’s products are renowned for their longevity, which has become a big selling point, among vapers who want to know that their hardware is built to last. Besides that, their no-frills approach to design makes for some stunning minimalistic pieces that vapers can’t get enough of.

Aspire Isn’t Slowing Down Any Time Soon

It’s obvious that Aspire has no intentions of slowing down their output in the near future. They have many exciting products in the works, and even continue to release new and exciting devices of all kinds, ranging from ultra-portable pod systems to phenomenally powerful box mod setups. At the same time, some of their oldest pieces, including their earliest trio of sub-ohm tanks, continue to perform as well as they did years ago.

Here at The Vape Mall, we’re proud to carry many of Aspire’s best-sellers. You can look through our collection and see for yourself why this company remains one of the most sought-after amidst heavy competition. If you’re craving reliable, long-lasting, durable, and high-performance hardware that remains extremely user-friendly, Aspire may be the brand for you.

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