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Mint & Menthol ELiquid


Trying to decide on your vape’s e-juice flavor isn’t the easiest thing with all the thousands of combinations we offer. We guarantee you’ll find one you love, it might just take some trial and error to find the perfect one. On top of that, you’ll need to determine your preferred nicotine level and PG/VG ratio. Take some of the following tips into consideration when choosing the perfect vape juice for you.

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  • Experiment! Try plain tobacco or menthol for a more cigarette-like experience. Or go crazy with enhanced flavors – whether it’s fruity or minty, dessert or beverage-inspired, the authenticity of the flavor will leave you satisfied. Try a few and you will find a flavor and sensation you enjoy.

And, remember, if you get bored with a particular flavor, there are plenty of opportunities to change it up. With all of our different combinations and nicotine strengths, you never have to worry about being stuck with one option.

  • Determine the nicotine level. If you are just beginning with vaping, it may take a little trial and error to figure out what level to choose, if any. If you’re already a heavy smoker, you’ll want to start off at one of the higher levels, for example.

The levels typically include ranges from low to high. Different levels  will determine the intensity of the “throat hit” you want. Most people start around a 16mg strength, which is in the medium realm. Then, depending on how intense it is for you, you can adjust accordingly. But remember: it is recommended that you only go up or down one level at a time.

If you choose a strength that is too low, you may begin vaping more than you need to, so you get the level  your body is craving. On the other hand, if you choose too high a  level, the throat hit may be too intense and cause light-headedness and nausea.

  • Choose you PG/VG ratio. However, E-liquids use a ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Usually, the liquid is a 50/50 blend, but the level can be adjusted.

Some people find that a higher PG offers a more intense flavor. However, there are some people that have an allergy to PG, so they might not be able to have a high concentration of it, or else it will bother their throat. This substance is thinner and keeps your vape clean.

A higher VG usually correlates to a sugary, sweet vape juice. As stated, a dominant VG ratio is preferable to people with a PG allergy. Additionally, VG gives off a greater plume of vapor, which makes for a great party trick (among other things). The downside is that this liquid is thicker than PG, and therefore leaves a gunky residue that will have to be cleaned out more often.

Shop with us today and find your perfect blend!