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Posted by David on

Kanger Pangu Coil

Kanger Pangu replacement coils are an outstanding choice for advanced vaping builds and usage. Depending on the option chosen, vapers can use these coils for direct lung or mouth-to-lung vaping at normal resistances or sub-ohm settings, and of course, they’re made with the high-lev

l craftsmanship generally produced by Kanger.

As expected from a brand like Kanger, the atomizer is made from high-quality materials. The coil wire is crafted out of Nichrome for long-lasting flavor delivery. Airflow is maximized by an 8 millimeter bore, and access to the wick itself is provided beneath the drip tip so vapers can adjust the port exposure easily. The coil structure itself is vertical and designed to run the length of the tank.

The Kanger Pangu replacement coils are best for veteran users due to the advanced options that are available. For sub-ohm vaping with a 15-50W output, the .5 ohms coil is available. This coil is best for direct lung vaping. For users who want a stronger flavor the 1.5 ohm coil is the ideal choice, and it provides an intense mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Of course, sub-ohm resistance requires a compatible MOD and batteries. Likewise, e-juice with high nicotine levels will not taste as good when sub-ohm vaping. Nicotine levels below 6mg are preferred with the Kanger Pangu to avoid a harsh or burnt e-liquid flavor.

Regardless of the option chosen, the Kanger Pangu replacement coils offer premium options for advanced vapers and a high-quality vaping experience. And as usual, for quality-materials that deliver a wide range of user preferences, Kanger has raised the bar.

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