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1. What is PG/VG?
PG is Propylene Glycol, a thin, tasteless liquid. VG is Vegetable Glycerin, a thicker liquid that has a slight sweet taste to it. Both liquids are often found in many food products and are a base for all eliquid manufactures.

2. What mix of PG/VG should I get?
PG/VG mix is very subjective depending on the person. More PG mix is going to produce less smoke and is thinner, whereas more VG will give you more smoke and is thicker. Our standard mix is 50/50 PG/VG. If you are unsure we recommend going with our standard 50/50 mix.

3. What is steeping and Airing out eJuice?
Steeping is similar to ageing. Often times a liquid needs to steep or age in order for the flavor to blend fully with ingredients. We recommend steeping our liquids for 7-10 days in a dark, room temperature environment such as a drawer or closet, shaking thoroughly every two days. Some of our liquids such as tobacco and coffees may need additional steep time. Some eLiquids require little to no steeping. Airing out the ejuice is taking the cap and/or tip off and letting it breathe a little. The breathing helps the flavor mature and any additives in the flavoring evaporate. 

4. Why does my eliquid smell like alcohol, soap, or perfume?
This is because some flavors are made with a alcohol base or an alcohol and pg blend base. What you are smelling and sometimes maybe even tasting is that alcohol. This generally occurs on freshly made ejuice as it has not had time to mature and air out yet. To get rid of this take the cap and tip off and let it it air out for a few days as mentioned in the previous question. This airing out process will cause the alcohol to evaporate and the taste and smell should not be there anymore. 

5. Do your pre-steeped liquids need any steeping?
No, all of our pre-steep liquids are steeped for 2 weeks before shipping. You can certainly steep them longer if you feel for the need for that.

6. Will ejuice break a plastic tank?
It is common that some ejuices from all manufactures may break plastic tanks. Click HERE for a list of our ejuices that may break a plastic tank.

7. What strength should I get?
Like PG/VG mix nixodine level is very subjective. If you are unsure or are new to vaping then we suggest going no higher than 12mg from there you will get an idea if you need more or less.

8. Do you ship international?
Yes we will ship to international, but due to restrictions with certain countries we ask that you contact us first if you need to place an international order. Please note, no refunds are given for orders seized at customs.

9. What is the Custom section?
Custom allows for you to fill out a custom order, it can be a mix of flavors, a PG/VG mix, strength, extra flavor, and any other kind of adjustments and creations you want for your juice.

10. What is ohms on my coil and what should I use?
Ohm choice is a personal preference. Generally speaking the lower the ohm coil on the tank and the higher the wattage or voltage on the battery the harder the hit, move vapor, flavor and warming the vape you will get. This is up to a certain point as some setups will result in a burnt taste. This will also cause the battery to drain a little faster and use more juice. The higher the ohm and lower the wattage or voltage less hit, less vapor, and less flavor, this will also result in a cooler vape. This will also make your juice and battery last longer before recharging. Neither one is better than the other as it is often times a personal choice based on your own tastes.

11. My e-liquid arrived clear but after a few days or weeks it started to turn orange/red?
This is common with some ejuices. The nicotine is what is turning the juice to a orange or red color. Generally the higher the strength the more red it will appear. This is normal and the juice is ok to vape. 

12. Why do menthol and mint flavor crystallize or become cloudy? 
Crystallizing and cloudiness of citrus, cinnamon, menthol, and mint type flavors is normal. It is also normal for them to appear cloudy. This can happen when mixed with vg or when sitting for long periods of time. The reason for this is that menthol starts out as small menthol crystals. It is then turned into a liquid form. With citrus and Cinnamon flavors it is a reaction with the VG and is most commonly seen in high VG juices and/or sitting for some period of time. When added to Vg due to it's thickness it starts to crystallize back up. Shaking well can help with this but not always. Letting the bottle sit in warm water may also help with the crystallizing. Ordering with a  high PG mix can often times be the only way to avoid this.

13. What is vapers tongues?
Vapers tongue is where vape juice starts to have a bad or no taste due to vaping the same flavor over long periods of time. Often vaping the same flavor for a couple weeks or more. It would be like eating the same food every day for weeks straight, you would eventually get sick of the same food and think it taste horrible. The same thing happens in vaping. If you are ordering a large quantity of juice like a 260ml or more then you want to make sure you are rotating a different flavor in every couple days so you do not get vapers tongue. People often think they have a bad batch of ejuice which is generally not the case, what they are experiencing is vapers tongue. To get rid of vapers tongue you will want to vape a different flavor of juice, often times a flavor profile completely different than what caused vapers tongue. So if you where vaping a creamy type flavor maybe switch to a fruity menthol flavor for a few days to get rid of vapers tongue. 

14. When my package arrived my bottles leaked, what can I do.
Unfortunately sometimes USPS or FedEx can be rough with packages and bottles will leak. We review situations like this on a case by case basis. First take a picture right away of the leaked bottles as we can not address the issue if you contact us weeks or months after with no pics of the bottle as is arrived. We will need to see this pics via email and one of our customer service reps will contact you.

15. Do you have a wholesale or retailer program?
Yes we do have a wholesale retail program. Please use the contact form to contact us for more information or see our Wholesale section.

16. What is your cancellation policy. 
Orders in In Processing, Shipped, and Completed statuses may not be cancelled as we no longer have possession of the order at that time. Orders in Pending and Order Received may be cancelled by using the contact form on our Contact page or by calling us directly at 636-887-2326. For returns, please see our return policy. 

17. What is your return policy?
Please view our Return Policy here.

18. What are the statuses on my order and what do they mean? And How long until my order is shipped?
There are four statuses when you place and order. Manual Verification, Order Received, In Processing, and Shipped. Manual Verification means that our fraud team has to take a look at the transaction. This does not hold up the order we just need to look at it in case there was fraud committed. Most of the time when this comes up either a street address or zip code wasn't put in accurately and it is resolved within a couple hours. Order Received means we have received your order and the full payment has been received. In Processing means we are making your order to be completed for shipping.

The time it takes to ship an order can vary depending on the service the customer selects and when they order. Shipping times are given at checkout, they are estimates however they can be pretty accurate. Please not  holidays and weekends can effect shipping times by a couple days. Most items ship out within 24-72 hours and are received within the time frame selected in the shipping options at checkout. Please note, orders placed on Friday may not ship until Monday due to high volume and orders placed the day before a holiday may not ship until the next business day. If your order is not received within the time frame selected, please check your tracking number and it should inform you as to the arrival date. If the tracking info has not updated please contact us and we will get in contact with the shipping carrier selected and have them look in to the issue. Tracking numbers are sent via email to the same email used to place the order when the order does ship. Please check to make sure your email is correct and also check your spam/junk email folders as emails can sometimes end up there. Please note, ALL USPS times are estimates as they do not guarantee their shipping times. 

19. My order shows delivered but it did not arrive? 
This happens when the postal service scans it delivered before they actually deliver it. There are a couple things you will need to do to make sure you receive your package. First make sure to contact your neighbors to see if they have the package as it could have been delivered to the wrong address by your mail person on accident. Also if in an apartment, hotel, or office check with your front desk or mail people to see if they have it. If it still does not show up you will want to contact your local post office and ask your mail person when they come the next day as they have to physically have the package in order to scan it delivered. Often times the mail person forgot it in their vehicle or it was left at your local post office and request them to look for it is something you can do by contacting them in person or via phone call.

Sometimes you will have to keep communicating with the post office and mail person in order for them to look into it as some areas they can not be much help. However majority if of the time it is either with a neighbor or still with your postal service, but you have to get them to help you look for it. Giving them the tracking number may speed up this process. We have found that contacting both the post office and mail man/women in person usually brings out better results than a phone call. Please keep us updated as to the progress or any changes as we will also be contacting our postal service rep to help find the package. 

20. My order did not go through but my card was charged?
This happens when you enter the card numbers correct from the card but either have the address/zip, or exp date/security code incorrect, or if your debit/credit card is an international card. Your bank is authorizing the charge and holding the funds, but our bank is not accepting it due to one or more of these items not being correct. When those authorizations happen our bank automatically sends a request to void the transaction for each time it is attempted incorrectly, some banks however will hold these funds for a couple days even after we send out the requests to void the authorization. They will then put the funds back on your account.

Please note, we DO NOT have your funds when this occurs, it is your bank holding the funds for authorization. We have no way to issue a refund/credit other than sending the void requests to your bank. It is important to make sure the correct address and card info such as exp date and security code when entering the this info at the payment screen. This can also happen with international credit cards for security and fraud reasons the charge may not be accepted by our processor. With an international card our bank still automatically sends a void request for each transaction that is declined. In some cases we can send a link to pay with PayPal. 

21. Why does my ejuice separate?
This happens when the flavoring is mixing with the VG. It's due to the VG being very thick. It can often times take 2 or more weeks for ejuice to fully blend since we do make our juice fresh. You will wan to shake the juice thoroughly a couple times a day and if you do use the juice before 2 weeks or right away make sure you shake it before using to get the flavoring to blend as much as possible. The most common flavors that cause this are mint, menthol, citrus, and cinnamon flavors. However all flavors can separate at times in a high VG ejuice.