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Coffee E-Liquids


Electronic cigarettes have the unique ability to taste great and still calm the craving for. No longer do you have to endure the acrid smell of smoke on your hair and clothes just to get that nix fix!

One of the things so many of us enjoyed during our smoking days was the first morning cigarette with a hot cup of coffee. Now you can combine the two with our coffee-flavored e-juice. Our e-liquids range in flavor from bold, bitter coffee and creamy lattes, to coffees with hints of chocolate, nuts, or liqueurs, brandies and whiskeys.

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How Do I Choose an E-Juice Flavor?

Choosing an e-juice flavor is entirely dependent upon your own tastes. New vapers most often choose an e-juice that closely mimics the cigarettes they smoked. Each company specially blends their formula to adjust the taste perfectly, including traditional cigarette flavors.

Some users go straight for fruit, cocktail-inspired, or even savory flavors, while others may transition to more adventurous flavors after sticking with tobacco or menthol. Either way, it’s liberating to know you can get your nicotine delivered in a flavorful puff of sweet or savory vapor.

The best piece of advice is to start with flavors you already know you love when choosing an e-juice. And we have plenty of variety for even the most discerning vaper. However, it’s always a good idea to purchase a bottle in our smallest size (5mL) to try it out before committing to the flavor.

Coffee flavors are one of the most versatile. Just as a coffee house can offer tons of different types and flavors of coffee, we offer just flavors of e-juice. Any type of coffee flavor you can dream, you will be able to find here.

Plain coffee is just the beginning. Add cream, chocolate, caramel or even a shot of whiskey! The possibilities are endless. You can have coffee-flavored e-juice for a basic stick type of electronic cigarette or drippers and mods.

Coffee flavors are also used as a palette cleanser. If you vape the same flavor over and over again, you can become accustomed to the taste and it seems to lose some of its flavor. It helps to switch flavors every once in a while, and it should be a flavor that is the polar opposite of what you’re used to. If you regularly vape a citrus flavor, for example, switching to coffee for a time will prepare your taste buds for a new sweet flavor.

How Do I Choose a Strength?

Choosing the correct strength of is vital. If you have your preferred mixture of PG:VG and you’re in love with the flavor, it can all be ruined by the wrong strength.

Hit comes in low, medium, and high levels. 6 mg and below is considered low. This is generally recommended for light smokers who go through less than half a pack a day. Medium strength levels are those between 9 and 16 mg, which is recommended for smokers who smoke up to a pack a day.

Finally, chain smokers should use a high strength, which is anywhere from 18 to 36 mg. Choosing a  level that isn’t strong enough will have you vaping more and running out of juice at a faster rate; too high, and you’ll find yourself with an upset stomach, headaches, and dizziness – not fun.

How Long Can I Keep an E Juice Bottle? Do They Expire?

E-liquid loses some of its potency as it ages. If stored correctly and properly cared for, e-juice can last 1-2 years without losing flavor. Some flavors spoil faster than others, however, so be sure to check the date on the bottle. Sunlight, heat, and other factors can also diminish a juice’s quality at a faster rate.

Shop with The Vape Mall today for e-liquids that combine everything you love about coffee and cigarettes!