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5 Brief Winter Vaping Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted by David on

Now that the cold winter months are upon us, it's time to reconsider some of our vaping habits. Even experienced vapers may be surprised to learn just how much the cold winter weather affects our vaping lifestyle. 

Fortunately, adjusting our vape game for the winter months doesn't require us to run out and purchase a whole new setup. There are some easy, quick tips that we can take in order to get the most out of our wintertime sessions.

Winter Vaping Tip #1: A Warm Device is a Working One

To put it simply, your vape battery doesn't like being cold. Batteries in general consist of electrons that require energy in order to fuel your device. Just like us, these electrons can feel quite slow and lethargic in cold weather. As a result, your battery must use more energy in order to fire each hit. As a result, your battery life can drain very quickly.

That's why you should never leave your unit out in the cold. If you tend to store either one or both in your car, take them inside. By keeping your setup warm, you'll ensure that your batteries last for a long time to come.

Winter Vaping Tip #2: Keep Your E-Liquids Away from the Cold

Because vape juice contains two ingredients that are derived from alcohol, it's unlikely that it will freeze into a solid mass. However, coldness can interfere with your e-juice's consistency. As your bottle of juice is exposed to cold air, it becomes thicker. If it gets too thick, it can gunk up your vape tank while struggling to become vapor.

Store your bottles in a warm place during the winter months. Don't leave them in a cold vehicle.

Winter Vaping Tip #3: Make Sure Your Lips Stay Moisturized

Certain drip tip materials can become very cold once they're exposed to the frosty winter air. Constantly pressing a cold drip tip against your mouth can rob your lips of moisture, leaving them dry, cracked and irritated.

During the winter months, make sure that you use a moisturizing lip balm throughout the day. This will help you maintain soft lips while you vape outdoors.

Winter Vaping Tip #4: Increase Your PG Level for a Stronger Throat Hit

Because e-liquid can become a bit thicker during the cold, dry months, you might find that your throat hit decreases. That satisfying punch to the back of your throat comes from propylene glycol, a thinning agent that's in every liquid. However, when this ingredient becomes cold, it becomes more viscous.

If you crave that throat hit, opt for an e-juice that has a higher PG level during the winter season. This will ensure that you enjoy that satisfying sensation whenever you take a pull.

Winter Vaping Tip #5: Decrease Your VG Level for Smaller Clouds

Because e-liquid thickens during the wintertime, you'll probably notice that your clouds are larger and thicker. For many vapers, this is a good thing. However, not everyone chases those massive clouds.

If you don't want to exhale huge fog, purchase e-juices with lower VG levels during the cold months. Vegetable glycerin is the ingredient that makes vapor denser. By cutting back on this ingredient, your clouds will be more manageable.

Don’t Let the Winter Weather Be Frightful

These simple tips will help you make the most of your wintertime vape sessions during the cooler months ahead.

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