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3 Key Differences Between Tank Coils and Pod Cartridge Coils

Posted by David on

Once salt-based nicotine was discovered, the vaping world as we knew it changed dramatically. Suddenly, countless vapers traded in their freebase nicotine and sub-ohm MODs for salt nic e-liquids and portable, user-friendly pod systems. 

One of the most overlooked components of the pod-based system is the coil. Sub-ohm enthusiasts are known for spending a good deal of time choosing the best coils for their setup. The coils that are in pod mods, on the other hand, aren't given much thought at all.

The truth is that understanding how a pod cartridge coil differs from a sub-ohm coil can provide a lot of clarity to vapers who are struggling to decide whether or not pod-based vaping is right for them. That's why we're going to explain the key differences between these two types of coils.

Difference #1: Size

If you're gonna switch to a pod-based vaping setup, it's important to know that everything is going to get smaller. Most importantly, you're going to need a pocket-friendly pod mod. Plus, because salt nic e-liquid is much more potent, it's sold in smaller bottles.

Unsurprisingly, the coil that's inside the atomizer of your pod mod is much smaller as well. Part of the reason why sub-ohm coils are so enormous is because they're designed to absorb a lot of vape juice at any given time. This guarantees huge, dense vape clouds that fill the room.

A pod mod's coil may be small, but it's fully capable of delivering the satisfying hits that we crave. It can hold just enough vape juice to turn that salt nic e-liquid into tasty, thick vapor.

Difference #2: Resistance Level

Before nic salt e-liquids took over the vaping community, sub-ohm setups were all the rage. In order to turn the liquid into massive clouds, coils needed to have extremely low resistance levels. This allowed them to be compatible with high wattage levels, resulting in more vapor production.

Sub-ohm coils, as the name implies, have resistance levels that are below one ohm. However, salt nic juice needs to be vaped at a low wattage level in order to deliver those satisfying hits. Typically, pod cartridge coils have a resistance level that's around 1.2ohms. This ensures the proper amount of vapor, a tasty flavor and a nice hit to the throat.

Difference #3: Materials

Pod cartridge coils are made from different materials as well. Sub-ohm coils are stuffed with large cotton wicks that are designed to absorb a ton of juice at once. However, pod cartridge coils don't need nearly as much e-liquid in order to deliver smooth and satisfying puffs. Pod cartridge coils have much smaller, thinner wicks that are typically derived from synthetic fibers rather than cotton.

Which Coil Will You Choose?

The coil that comes with a pod device is dramatically different from the massive sub-ohm coils that many vapers are used to. However, size isn't everything. The coils that come with pod cartridges are responsible for that satisfying hit of nicotine that we crave.

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