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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Getting That Awesome Vaping Throat Hit Now in 2022! What’s Changed Over the Years?

Posted by David on

Vaping is both a hobby and lifestyle that allows us to experience satisfaction on our own terms. With the enormous variety of devices, e-liquids, and other hardware that's currently out there, vapers can truly customize their experience like never before.

Now, for countless vapers, a vaping experience isn't truly satisfying unless each draw delivers a powerful hit to the throat. You see, a strong throat hit is so desirable, a broader range of devices and e-liquids are specially designed to deliver this sensation.

How to Nail that Magical Throat Hit

If a throat hit is what you crave when you vape, keep reading on. We've broken down the two primary components that promote that satisfying punch.

Component #1: Selecting the Right E-Liquid

#1: Type of Nicotine

One of the most important things when it comes to getting that throat hit is the type of nicotine e-liquid that you're vaping.

  • Freebase nicotine was chemically modified to be more potent. Problem is, when freebase nicotine is vaped in high concentrations, it can feel very harsh on the throat.
  • Salt-based nicotine is extracted directly, as this type of nicotine is smoother yet extremely powerful. It's known for delivering an intense throat hit that feels extremely pleasurable.

#2: Flavor

The type of flavor that you vape has a surprisingly strong effect on the intensity of the throat hit that you'll experience. Generally speaking, menthol and tobacco flavors deliver the strongest throat hit. Dessert flavors and fruit flavors are less likely to give you that punch that you crave.

#3: PG Level

All e-liquids have a base of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The balance between these two ingredients greatly determines the strength of the throat hit that occurs when the e-juice is inhaled. Propylene glycol is less viscous than vegetable glycerin. Therefore, a vape juice that has a higher level of propylene glycol will give you a stronger hit to the throat.

Component #2: Investing in the Proper Vaping Device(s)

#1: Choose Your Mod Wisely

Not all mods are created equally. For the ideal throat hit, you want a mouth-to-lung mod that delivers a lot of power. The more power, the stronger the throat hit. Set your wattage level relatively high and use a coil that's compatible for your output settings.

#2: Opt for a Pod System

If a solid hit to the throat is your biggest vaping priority, you may want to invest in a pod system. These pod systems are mouth-to-lung devices that are compatible with salt nic vape juices. They're specially designed to mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette, throat hit and all. You can opt for an open pod system (one that allows you to refill as well as handle both e-liquid types due to the cartridge and coils it utilizes) or a closed pod system (not refillable, easy to operate and manage, and only uses salt-based nicotine e-liquid).

#3: Avoid a Basic Electronic Cigarette

The inexpensive, disposable electronic cigarettes that you can buy at the gas station are not likely to provide you with the throat hit that you crave. These devices simply don't have the power that's required in order to give you that strong sensation when you take a pull.

#4: Know Your Device's Battery Capacity

The capacity of your battery greatly determines the power of your vaping device. Make sure that you use a battery that's powerful enough to handle the output-related needs of your vaping system.

Overall Factors that Determine What Kind of Throat Hit You Prefer

If you're always craving a powerful throat hit, it's time to reconsider your hardware setup as well as your e-liquid choices. Not only that though, but you also need to take into account the following factors, as once you do, then you can get your vape on!

Factor #1: How Long You've Been Vaping

If you've been vaping for quite some time, you might not crave a super powerful throat hit. Those who have just quit cigs are more likely to desire that strong punch, since it reminds them of the sensation of smoking. A lot of vapers find that as they keep vaping, they lose their addiction to that sensation. However, some vapers continue to chase that feeling despite having been a vaping hobbyist for years.

Factor #2: Smooth Throat Hits vs. Harsh Throat Hits

There are two types of throat hits. A smooth throat hit is more subtle than a harsh throat hit. Generally speaking, harsh throat hits are preferred by former cigarette smokers. Today, you can find a variety of e-liquids that are designed for both smooth and harsh throat hits. Also, salt nic e-juices tend to deliver a harsher throat hit than e-juices crafted with freebase nicotine.

Factor #3: Your Experience with Tobacco Cigarettes

If you were a heavy cigarette smoker, you're likely going to want a very intense hit to the throat when you vape. And, if that's the case, we suggest that you choose an e-liquid that's made with nicotine salts.

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