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When it Comes to DIY Bottling, Choose The Vape Mall!

Posted by David on

As a DIY vaper, you know very well that you need to have a solid collection of empty bottles in order to maintain your e-liquid empire. The bottles that you select are just as important as the ingredients that go into your flavor concoctions. At The Vape Mall, we carry every bottle that you could ever need in order to be a DIY juice-making pro.

Here are just some of the factors that make our bottles standout among the rest:

Every Size Imaginable

You’ll find every bottle size under the sun. From small glass dropper bottles for portable devices to enormous plastic jugs that can hold huge batches of e-liquid, we really have it all. And as a DIY vaper, having a variety of bottle sizes is crucial. This allows you to store large e-liquid batches, flavor blends, juice bases and more.

High-Quality Materials

Sadly, many bottle manufacturers use questionable materials that can ruin your e-liquid while potentially harming your health. The Vaoe Mall refuses to cut corners when it comes to quality. We proudly use BPA-free plastics and high-quality glass materials.

Our plastic bottles have just the right amount of give in order to be easy to use. Our droppers and twist-off caps are carefully crafted in order to make it as easy as possible to use our bottles. Plus, our caps are childproof, eliminating the fear of finding your kids getting into your e-liquid supply.

Built to Last

Taking up a DIY e-liquid hobby is an investment. We don't want you to spend loads of money replacing your materials on a regular basis. That's why we made sure that our DIY bottles are built to last. We've tested all of our bottles repeatedly to make sure that they can withstand everyday use without any wear or tear.

Refreshingly Affordable

DIY vaping can become quite an expensive hobby. Between equipment, bottles and e-liquid ingredients, it's easy to spend a bit more than you'd like while trying to build your empire. That's why we have made sure that our DIY bottles are as affordable as can be. We want you to feel comfortable stocking up without breaking the bank.

We Got Your Bottle-Related Needs Covered

Thanks to our enormous selection of quality bottles, you'll be able to take your DIY hobby to the next level.

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