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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Ideal Vaping Device

Posted by David on

Thanks to the vaping industry, countless thousands of people have finally been able to quit cigarettes and enjoy this new technology. The majority of people who switch from smoking to vaping start with electronic cigarettes, primarily because they look and feel like cigarettes, but also because they’re extremely easy to operate and maintain. However, after a while, most e-cig users decide that they’re ready to upgrade their vaping system to something that’s a bit more customizable and a bit more satisfying.

So, if you’re an e-cig user who is ready to transition to something that’s a little more advanced, we’ve created the ultimate guide for you. Today, we will be breaking down the main types of vaping devices that are on the market today and explaining why they may appeal to you as a vaper.

Benefits of Moving Beyond E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes were really the first vaping devices to hit the market, and they did a great job of helping people quit smoking. However, e-cigs are relatively simple devices, technologically speaking. They don’t offer much in terms of power, customizability and convenience.

That’s why hardware brands began popping up, creating all kinds of devices that improve the vaping experience. Now, vaping devices are a bit more complex than e-cigarettes. However, by following this guide, you’ll be able to understand them much better and make the right decision for your vaping needs.

Different Types of Devices Available

Now, let’s get into the four main types of vaporizer devices that are used by those looking to replace cigarettes.

Pod Mods

Pod mod systems are becoming extremely popular among those looking to upgrade their setup from e-cigs. That’s mostly because they’re the most user-friendly devices after e-cigarettes. They’re also similarly portable, which is great for those who wish to vape discreetly.

Pod systems consist of two components: a pod cartridge and a pod mod. The mod is the battery that’s encased in a protective covering, and it’s a low-wattage device. The cartridge attaches to the battery, and it contains the e-liquid as well as the coil that heats the e-liquid so that it may become vapor. Pod mods are small and slim, and they utilize vape juices made with nicotine salts, which are more potent than vape juices containing freebase nicotine. So, if a strong hit of nicotine is your main priority as a vaper, pod mods are probably the way to go.

It’s also important to point out that there are two kinds of pod systems on the market: open pod systems and closed pod systems. Open systems utilize empty cartridges that can be filled with any salt nic e-liquid on the market. Closed pod systems are already filled with vape juice by the manufacturer, and are therefore easier to use, but more limiting in terms of your flavor options.

Box Mods

Box mods are more advanced than pod mods, and they’re far more powerful as well. Box mods are mainly associated with vapers who desire large plumes of vapor known as vape clouds. Because they’re high-wattage devices, they heat a lot of vape juice at one time, resulting in a lot of vapor.

Box mods are fairly robust devices, and they often take separate lithium-ion batteries. Attached to them are vape tanks, which hold several milliliters of e-liquid, as well as a replaceable coil. Box mods are highly customizable as they allow you to explore different output levels. They require a decent amount of maintenance and technological knowledge, so bear this in mind when considering all of your options.

Mech Mods

Mech mods are the most advanced mods that you can go with as a vaper. They’re unregulated, which means that the user must use them at their own risk. They are very simple devices because of the fact that they lack circuitry. Essentially, the batteries used in this type of device send a raw current to the coil. The longer you hold the firing button of the mod, the more power will be sent to the coil. Like box mods, mech mods are used with large capacity-type vape tanks and replaceable coils. However, if you’re not experienced with more advanced vaping technology, we suggest choosing another type of mod.

Wax/Oil/E-Juice Vaporizers

If you’re a vape enthusiast who also enjoys some herbal concentrate, you can find a vaporizer that utilizes e-liquid as well as waxes or herbal oils. These kinds of devices vary tremendously in terms of size, output, design and portability. But, they’re highly convenient if you enjoy both of these kinds of products.

Factors to Consider

Now that you have a basic idea of the different types of vaping devices that are out there, let’s help you zero in on what you need by going over the different factors that you must take into consideration before making a purchase.


First, you have to determine how much you wish to spend. This doesn’t just refer to the upfront cost of purchasing a new piece of equipment. Different types of vaping systems have different levels of recurring expenses. For instance, open pod systems are considered very affordable over the long term because the vape juice costs less and the user tends to use less of it. Box mod setups may be more costly per month because the user tends to go through coils more frequently, and also burns through vape juice at a faster rate.

Flavor vs. Clouds vs. Throat Hit

There are three different main vaping attributes, and each vaper has his or her own preference. If you crave a strong flavor more than anything else, you can satisfy your needs with either a pod mod, a box mod or a mech mod. If huge clouds are what you’re after, a box mod is the way to go. And, if you desire a strong throat hit that reminds you of your old analogs, a pod mod is what you will likely want.


Again, there are two types of nicotine used in vape juices: freebase nicotine and salt-based nicotine. Salt-based nicotine, as we said earlier, is more potent, and feels a lot more like smoking a cigarette. Freebase nicotine is smoother and less potent, on the other hand. If you want salt-based nicotine, you must use a pod mod device. If you want freebase nicotine, a box mod is probably right for you.


If convenience is a big factor, a pod mod will probably suit you best. Pod mods are pocket-friendly and low-maintenance, making them much easier to manage.


Lastly, the brand you go with is very important. You must purchase your vaping device from a trusted brand that has a reputation for making high-performance, reliable and safe products.

Find a Device That Works Best for Your Vaping Needs

In order to stay off cigarettes for good by using vaping, we must find the right type of device to satisfy our needs. This way, we can continue to satisfy our nicotine cravings without giving smoking a second thought. We know that the world of vaping devices can be a bit intimidating due to all of the technological jargon that’s out there. That’s why we’ve created this user-friendly guide that will help you along the way.

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