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When Should You Consider Using A Glass Vape Tank?

Posted by David on

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When putting together your vapingdevice, there are a number of different options to choose. From  atomizers,clearomizers, tanks, batteries, coils, etc. It is essentially a mix and match hobby.

Tanks alone have a number of different options, with size and material being taken into consideration. We'll be covering what you should consider when trying out a glass tank, and what the benefits and features will be.
Not Disposable

One of the biggest differences you will see with a glass tank is the quality. With it obviously being a more premium material, a more premium price will come with it. Many tanks will be cheap and disposable, with the atomizer and tank acting as one.

So this means if your atomizer is in need of replacement, so will your tank. This is not the case with glass tanks, being a separate and subsequently more expensive piece of your vaporizer.

If you are looking for quality, with price as a second consideration, glass tanks will be a good call for you.


Obviously glass has one of the biggest downsides in comparison to the other tank materials. It is easily broken, and can be a rage inducing experience if it were to happen to you. While dropping your vaporizer doesn't guarantee a broken glass tank, the chance of it happening is significantly increased.

If you are prone to clumsy dropping, kicking, and overall abuse of your vaporizer, implementing a glass tank may not be perfect for you. You may even see the chance of it breaking while in your pocket, although it is much more unlikely. Other materials like plastic, steel, and others are available, giving you a much less sensitive build.

However, there are positive factors in the durability column when it comes to glass tanks. Many plastic tanks will corrode over time and use, meaning an inevitable replacement. Certain e-juices have higher levels of acidity that can destroy your plastic tank over time. Glass tanks will not suffer from this same corrosion, so that means you won't have to worry about your e-juice breaking your tank down.

Build Quality and Aesthetics

With the price tag comes the obvious upside of glass; it looks really, really cool. It gives a heavier and quality feel to your device. In addition, you'll also be able to clearly see your e-juicelevels, which may not be the case when considering other tanks.
Even colored or otherwise designed glass tanks will still carry the translucent look, so knowing when you are about to run dry isn't a problem.

However, with a heavier tank you may experience a bit of a weight imbalance, with the top of the device carrying more weight than usual. Be sure to avoid any tipping or falling of your vaporizer, because this can lead to the above mentioned breaking of your tank.

All-in-all tanks become a bit of a preference for the user, with each tank carrying their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Go over each of the qualities and decide which one suits your style and taste. If you feel like your chosen tank isn't the best, you will always be able to switch it up and try out something new.

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