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Could Some CBD E-Liquids Damage Your Device’s Coil?

Posted by David on

When we talk about choosing a CBD e-liquid for a vaping device, we usually focus on flavor, milligram strength and cutting agents. Rarely do we get into the importance of choosing the right vape juice based on the needs of one’s coil. But, as it turns out, the e-liquid you select and the coil installed in your setup need to be just as compatible as, say, the resistance level of your coil and the wattage of your device.

As it turns out, some CBD vape juices may actually damage the coil of your vaping setup, based on compatibility issues, quality issues or something else entirely. Before we get into that, let’s explain the important relationship between your selected e-juice and the coil of your device.

The Function of Your Device’s Coil

The coil that is found in a cartridge or vape tank is in charge of vaporizing the e-liquid, which means it cannot be vaped without one. It’s a heating element consisting of a wire and a wick, with the wire providing heat to the e-juice that has absorbed into the wick. This allows the coil to heat the right amount of liquid at a time, making sure it reaches the proper temperature in order to turn that vape oil into smooth, flavorful, and potent clouds.

The Relationship Between CBD E-Liquid and Your Coil

The CBD e-liquid has an especially important relationship to your coil, as it’s what is being fed to the coil’s wick. Therefore, the e-juice that’s in the tank or cartridge must be capable of absorbing into the wick properly so as not to cause a clog or contain poor ingredients that cause the liquid to burn, thus burning the coil itself.

What CBD E-Juices Can Cause Damage to the Coil of Your Device

Now, let’s cover the factors that can cause damage to your coil based on the qualities of the CBD e-liquid. It is important to avoid these factors listed below if you want to have a successful vaping experience, and not waste money on either coils or liquid.

Note: We are only talking about vaping systems that use refillable tanks or cartridges, as pre-filled options come with CBD e-liquid that was selected appropriately for the needs of the coil.

#1: Too Much Sugar

Choosing a CBD e-liquid that is extremely sweet may be great for someone who wants a sugary taste when they vape, but it may not be ideal for your coil. This is because sugar burns onto the coil, causing a layer of gunk to develop that interferes with the coil’s ability to operate. Sugar gunk can cause the coil to become clogged, and it takes on a burnt taste that makes your vaping experience’s flavor less than ideal.

#2: Low-Quality Ingredients

CBD vape juices made with cheap, low-quality ingredients may cause damage to your coil as they are simply not intended to be vaporized, or even heated to such high temperatures. Make sure that when you’re shopping for hemp vape oils, you look at the ingredients thoroughly. Ingredients that are fine for e-liquids include, besides hemp itself, VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol) and MCT oil. Other ingredients should be researched to ensure that they’re appropriate for vaping.

#3: The Wrong Type of Setup

Some CBD e-liquids may not be compatible with the device that you are using, which can cause the coil to become damaged because it’s just not compatible with what you’re using. When shopping for these specific vape juices, always read the product description to find out what type of device it’s for. For instance, some high-wattage systems may burn the compounds in the hemp vape oil, while also causing the coil to burn out at the same time.

#4: E-Liquid That is Too Thin

An e-liquid that has a very thin consistency may be bad for your coil, because the wick burns the liquid due to its low boiling point. This is bad for your e-juice, and it’s bad for your coil too, because the coil may end up burning out while trying to heat the liquid to the right temperature.

Coil Condition Matters

CBD e-liquid is a great way to enjoy the properties that cannabidiol has to offer, but there is a right way and a wrong way to vaporize it. It is important to choose the e-liquid that’s best suited for your vaping device in order to protect your coil, which can become damaged by cheap, low-quality, or simply incompatible formulas.

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