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Temperature Control Vaping, and Why You Should Consider It

Posted by David on

When vaping, everyone wants to take in the safest and purest vape so that they maintain their health and get the best out of their vaping experience. Vapers like using the new technology of Temperature Control when vaping. They are adapting to the new sophistication and manufacturers are making the products available and affordable.

Let us see what these temperature control or TCs are first. Most MODs are used to give temperature settings. As a vaper, you will be able to set target hotness and the MOD will on its own, regulate the power as you continue vaping. What you should do is keep your vapor next to your preferred temperature and your setting will be the highest wattage. Temperatures will be maintained when achieved, regardless.

There are advantages and benefits that come along with using the Temperature Control MODs:

Avoiding Dry Hits

We can effectively avoid the unpleasant dry hit by using the Temperature Control feature that a MOD has. We will be able to add more juice to the dripper and we can avoid the unsafe intake of bad vapor. The TC MOD will increase its temperature and break the power after initializing temperature protection. Fewer vape clouds will come out and as a result reduce the dreaded dry hit. It will remind you to add more juice and continue.

Adding Safety into the Vaping Experience

Since this side of vaping is still in its infancy stage, new and more discoveries are being made. It is safe to use the TCs to reduce the amount of vapor taken in. The most important practice is heating the coils to the temperature that is only needed to vaporize the juice we are using.

Extension of the Coil and Wick Life

With no dry hits and no overheating of the coil, the cotton will remain intact, hence no losses and the awful taste of burning cotton will be eliminated. Because of this combination, the wicks and coils will be durable. They are optimally used to give the required vape without strain.

Longer Battery Life

The MODs using the Temperature Control feature use only required power to burn the coil at the needed temps. They use little power as compared to the Variable Wattage MODs for instance. To use this device, there are several requirements that one needs to fulfill. The two big ones are:

  • Making sure the MOD is temperature control compatible of course. Some have extraordinary properties that will make them superior over others.
  • Coils- Titanium or Ni200 (the Titanium one is most preferred due to its accuracy in temperature regulation, less consumption of power hence safer.)


We have seen that dry hits are very irritating when experienced. Furthermore, they ruin our vape juice and coils. They can be very expensive to replace the damaged parts. It is therefore wise to use the Temperature Control MOD for safety and to avoid losses. Because of this cautionary measure, we will vape conveniently and have a pleasing experience without distress on coil damage and flavor spoilage.

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