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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Posted by David on

Menthol Tobacco vape juice is a medium-bodied tobacco that's infused with fresh menthol flavor. This flavor tastes exactly like your favorite menthol cigarette. The richness of the tobacco makes the mouth water before that icy kiss of fresh mint rejuvenates your palate and cools you down.

Each inhale of Menthol Tobacco E-juice takes care of your tobacco cravings with the authentic taste of cigarette tobacco. The nutty notes tantalize your palate before the natural sweetness of tobacco takes over. On the exhale, menthol flows over the taste buds, chilling you in the best way possible.

Every tobacco-flavored vape juice from The Vape Mall is made with the best flavoring agents around. That's why each flavor tastes just like real tobacco. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our E-Juice is 100% USA made. Your order will be custom-filled when it is placed. And, instead of having an old juice with and unknown manufactured date, you will only receive the freshest quality juice available. Ingredients used in our E-Juice are USP food grade, and we are confident our 100% USA made E-Juice will not only taste good, but also calm your nicotine needs.

Menthol Tobacco e-liquid is a gift to anyone who craves that a cool tobacco taste when they vape.

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You can't go wrong with a blend of rich butterscotch and smooth tobacco. Butterscotch Tobacco vape juice takes cured Virginia tobacco and drizzles it with sweet, gooey butterscotch that has just a hint of salt. The result is a flavor that hits every spot on the tongue in the right way.When you inhale Butterscotch Tobacco vape juice, the [...]

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Maple Rum Tobacco vape juice is a tantalizingly sweet tobacco flavor that's infused with gooey maple syrup and dark, spicy rum. Every hit is like an indulgent dessert that's layered with smooth and rich tobacco. You'll taste the sun that cured the tobacco leaves while the sweetness of the other flavor components makes the sweet tooth feel wild with [...]

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Honey Wood Tobacco vape juice is an authentic-tasting tobacco flavor that's infused with smooth, sweet honey and the taste of smoky, rich oak. Like an aged bourbon, this flavor boasts complexity that makes you want to hit it repeatedly. The tobacco is robust and delightfully smooth.On the inhale, Honey Wood Tobacco e-juice's nutty notes tease your tongue as the [...]

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RY4 eLiquid By The Vape Mall

RY4 vape juice is a decadent flavor that combines smooth tobacco with gooey caramel and rich vanilla flavor. This flavor will satisfy both your dessert cravings and your need for a powerful blast of pure tobacco. The tobacco's natural nuttiness complements the decadent sweetness of the caramel and vanilla flavors perfectly.As you inhale RY4 e-juice, the blast of nuttiness [...]

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Tobacco Vape Juice By The Vape Mall

Tobacco vape juice is a bold tobacco flavor that's incredibly robust. Every hit punches your throat with that satisfying blast of rich tobacco flavor. The earthiness of this flavor balances out the subtle sweetness that you associate with high-quality cured tobacco.Each inhale of Tobacco e-juice satisfies your tobacco cravings with intense, authentic flavor. When you exhale, you'll enjoy the [...]

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Asian Tobacco vape juice is a smooth tobacco blend that has an extra kick of sweetness. This tobacco flavor has a plethora of flavor notes that add to the authenticity of your flavor experience. The smoothness of this flavor is impeccable.With every inhale of Asian Tobacco e-juice, the tobacco's earthiness strikes your palate on contact. The clouds rush to [...]

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MENTHOL Eliquid By The Vape Mall

Menthol vape juice is a clean and pure menthol flavor that can be added to any tobacco-flavored vape juice. If that kiss of fresh mint invigorates you, this vape juice is a must-have.When you inhale, you'll enjoy Menthol e-juice's gently minty taste that complements any tobacco flavor. With every exhale, that minty taste intensifies, encasing the tongue in a layer [...]

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555 Tobacco eLiquid By The Vape Mall

555 Tobacco vape juice from The Vape Mall is a smooth and medium-bodied tobacco flavor that hits the spot without overwhelming the palate. 555 Tobacco e-juice has mouth-watering earthy notes and a kiss of sweetness. It’s perfect for anyone who used to smoke those mild cigarettes.With each inhale of 555 Tobacco e-juice, the smooth tobacco taste flows across the [...]

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Tobana eLiquidy By The Vape Mall

Tobana vape juice is a luxurious blend of rich tobacco and creamy bananas. Once you take a hit of Tobana e-juice, you'll wonder why you've never thought of combining these flavors before. The sweetness of the banana complements the rich and nutty tobacco taste perfectly. The banana's intense creaminess adds decadence to the flavor profile.When you inhale Tobana e-juice, [...]

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