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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Steep Up to The Nic Salt Plate

Posted by David on

If you've been vaping for a while, you might have explored the idea of steeping your e-liquids. Steeping is a method that has been found to improve one's overall vaping experience in a variety of ways. While it can take some time, many feel that it's worth it. 

Now that salt nic e-liquid has taken over the vaping world, many vapers are wondering how the act of steeping affects this type of salt-based juice. As you'll see, the answer is quite surprising.

A Little Refresher: What is Steeping?

Steeping involves taking certain measures in order to allow an e-liquid to oxidize. During the oxidization process, a small amount of air is exposed to the liquid. This promotes the interaction between specific types of molecules. As the molecules interact with each other, certain ones evaporate, changing its molecular structure.

Many vapers steep their bottles of e-juice because they believe that it improves many aspects of vaping. For one thing, steeping tends to promote a richer, stronger and more complex flavor. This is because the flavor becomes more concentrated as certain molecules evaporate into the air.

Steeping can also affect the way in which the nicotine hits the vaper. Many believe that steeping a freebased e-liquid promotes a stronger throat hit and a more intense punch of nicotine per puff.

How are Nic Salt E-Juices Affected by Steeping?

If you're someone who likes to steep vape juices in order to intensify the potency of the nicotine, you'll be surprised to learn that steeping has little effect on salt-based nicotine. While it's not quite understood why, vapers have reported that this form of nicotine is unaffected by the steeping process.

However, if you steep your juices to intensify their flavor, feel free to continue performing this process whenever you purchase a new bottle of e-liquid. The flavor molecules will oxidize whether your liquid contains salt-based nicotine or freebase nicotine.

How to Steep Your Salt Nic E-Juices

The steeping process itself is carried out in a number ways.

The most popular method involves storing your e-liquid bottles in a dark room for up to two weeks. Many find that gently shaking the bottles once every couple of days quickens the oxidization process. The darkness of the room is important as light can interfere with the molecules' ability to oxidize properly.

Another method involves placing your bottles in a wide, shallow basin. Then, warm water is added to the basin so that the bottles are submerged halfway. Typically, the bottles are left this way overnight. The next morning, they should be slightly darker in color. This means that they're ready to be vaped.

It's important to note that some manufacturers steep their juices before shipping them off to be vaped. If this is the case, you won't really need to steep them yourself.

If You Steep It, The Flavor Will Come

Steeping is a widely popular method that can greatly improve one's vaping experience. While nic salt e-juices won't deliver a stronger hit of nicotine as a result of oxidization, you'll likely find that the flavor is greatly enhanced, making this practice well worth your time.

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