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5 Reasons to Use Small Glass Chillums

Posted by David on

Glass chillums are becoming the go-to among enthusiasts who want a different way to experience their herb. These devices have been around for ages, and yet they have always played second fiddle to more elaborate pipes and bongs. But, as it turns out, small glass chillums offer some unique benefits over other devices and delivery methods, making them worthwhile in any collection.

What are Glass Chillums?

For those who don’t know, chillums are a lot like traditional pipes, except they use a straight path from the herb to the mouthpiece to deliver a more direct hit. Rather than putting the herb into a flat bowl that is perpendicular to the mouthpiece, these conical devices allow you to put your buds into the end piece that’s directly parallel.

Why Buy One from The Vape Mall?

Now, let’s go over the specific reasons why they’re so useful to any enthusiast.

Reason #1: Portable Use

Small glass chillums are easier to travel with than most bowls, especially those that contain water. This means that you can pack it in your travel bag or take it with you to a buddy’s house. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to store it in your car as it can fit into your pocket easily.

Reason #2: You Will Get More Potent Hits

Due to the engineering of chillums, you’ll get more potent hits per puff. The smoke travels in a direct line from the bowl to the mouthpiece, which means that you will absorb more smoke directly into the mouth so that each hit really counts. Many people say that a hit from a chillum is more potent, and you can also pack more into one than you can most standard bowls. This is great for those who want a stronger experience when they smoke.

Reason #3: Attractive Addition to Your Hardware

It is hard to deny that glass chillums are especially beautiful to look at, coming in a variety of shapes and colors with unique patterns that appeal to the eye. If you’re someone who loves collecting hardware for its aesthetic value, chillums are a must-have addition to your collection. You will be dazzled by the wide array that’s out there.

Reason #4: It’s Economical

Because you get so much more out of each hit when you use a chillum, they’re an economical choice. You’ll be able to get more effects off of each hit, and so you won’t be needing as much herb to reach your desired experience. We know that the cost of buds really adds up over the years, and this can legitimately make a dent in your spending. Many people say that they save money by using a chillum, as they get more out of their puffs.

Reason #5: Easy to Maintain

Glass chillums are typically easier to maintain than more complex devices like bongs and vaporizer devices. They don’t require as much cleaning because there aren’t as many pieces involved that must be taken apart regularly. Because there is only a single airflow channel, you can simply run some type of cleaning instrument through the whole thing to clean it out. The airflow channel is more accessible and does not have twists and turns as some pipes do. And, because it is so small, it’s less likely to get knocked over, which can cause glass to get everywhere.

The other thing about chillums is that you do not need to clean them as often, because there is less room for debris to get trapped. You know that stale taste after several sessions? Well, this happens less frequently with chillums. The direct airflow helps keep things nice and fresh without as much gunk and resin accumulation.

Small Glass Chillums Have Something to Offer

Overall, small glass chillums are a great choice for anyone looking for more direct hits, more bang for their buck or even just a nice aesthetic addition to their collection of pieces. They are easy to find nowadays and come in all types of sizes and other variations, meaning you will certainly find the perfect one for your needs.

As you can see, they can deliver a whole new type of herbal experience that is highly favorable, all while being conveniently low-maintenance and easy to use.

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