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Top 3 2020 Pattys Day ELiquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

St. Partrick’s Day is right around the corner, so the time is now to stock up on vape juices that can satisfy the Irish leprechaun that’s inside all of us. Whether you’re going to be partying or spending a quiet evening at home, these e-liquids can get you into the holiday spirit. You’ll also find that each vape juice below has a stunningly authentic taste that allows it to hit the spot just like the real thing.

St. Patty’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #3: Coffee with a Kick

Coffee with a Kick is a fabulous choice for St. Patrick’s Day, as it gives you that sensational flavor that makes you swear, you’re sipping on a nice, hot beverage that’s infused with the perfect amount of whiskey. Creamy, sweet and rich with a generous bite, this one will get you through the day when you start to feel a bit sluggish from all of that partying.

On the inhale, this vape juice gives you a nice, rich coffee flavor that’s nutty and slightly bitter in a way that makes the mouth water. Then, velvety milk and smooth bourbon collide with the coffee, resulting in an intoxicating combination. On the exhale, a nice amount of sweetness comes into the picture.

St. Patty’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #2: Irish Rum

If your St. Patty’s day plans involve lots of drinking, we have a wonderful treat for you. Irish Rum combines delectable Irish cream with plenty of spicy, sweet rum to ensure that your taste buds are as satisfied as can be.

As you pull on your mod, that intriguingly spicy and warm taste takes over your palate and makes you swoon. Then, the bite of the rum hits you and wakes up your senses. Smooth, velvety cream drips down the palate as a touch of sweetness runs over to the sweet tooth as you exhale.

St. Patty’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #1: Irish Cream

Nothing is more appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day than Irish Cream. This mouthwatering flavor instantly makes us feel like we’re embracing our Irish heritage, even if we don’t come from Ireland. It’s smooth, silky and has just the right kick level to wake you up and make you feel stimulated.

As you inhale, you’ll savor the seductively smooth taste of that rich cream as it dribbles down your tongue. Then, the sweetness level starts kicking in, making your sweet tooth cry tears of joy. On the exhale, the warmth of the flavor entrances you with its bold taste.

Start Celebrating Early with These Irish-like Flavors from The Vape Mall

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