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5 Holiday Vaping Gifts You Need to Buy at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

It’s that time of year, when most of us are busy looking for holiday gifts for our loved ones. And, if you have any fellow vapers in your life, there’s one area where you can never go wrong: giving them some new vaping gear, whether it be new hardware or some top-notch e-liquids. At The Vape Mall, we’ve got everything you could ask for, from replacement coils to brand new, high-tech vaping systems, not to mention tons of vape juice flavors for every vaper in your life.

#5: Some New Drip Tips

Drip tips are a fun accessory to stuff someone’s stocking with, since they’re both visually exciting and capable of bringing out new qualities in our vapor – warmer clouds, thicker vapor, richer flavor and what have you. We’ve got a nice selection of drip tips in different sizes, with all kinds of materials, designs and more, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. For something a bit on the whimsical side, these Silicone Bunny Drip Tips are a whole lot of fun, and just as functional.

#4: A Fresh Pack of Coils

If there’s one thing vapers will never not need an ample supply of, it’s coils. We burn through coils quickly enough that having spare ones always seriously comes in handy. At the Vape Mall, we’ve got loads of coils for all of the most popular tanks in the industry. Just remember that if you’re going to buy coils, you need to know which ones your vaping buddy prefers, since they can differ so much in terms of configuration and coil compatibility.

#3: A New Vape Tank

A new 510-threaded vape tank is never a bad gift idea. Most vapers need to replace their tanks from time to time, and besides that, it’s nice to try out a new tank with its own features and configurations. If your friend is all about that sub-ohm vaping life, try the SMOK TFV18 Tank, which is one of the best-selling tanks of all time – in other words, it’s highly unlikely that your vaping buddy won’t love it. This tank comes complete with a staggering 7.5ml capacity, advanced top-filling system, airflow control and the iconic TFV18 Mesh Coils.

#2: A Brand New Pod System

Pod systems are a big deal on today’s vaping market, allowing for a more convenient, portable way to enjoy our favorite e-liquids. We love the Vaporesso VROS Pod System Starter Kit, which is a slim and sleek pocket-friendly model that’s perfect for beginners. Designed to bring out the best qualities in any salt nic e-juice, it’s easy to use, yet powerful thanks to its 800mAh battery, not to mention visually exquisite. In other words, it checks all of the boxes so that your loved one will be over the moon.

#1: Sensational E-Liquid Flavors

You really can never go wrong with some tasty vape juice flavors. This way, even if your loved one is totally happy with their setup, they will be able to enjoy trying something new. And, at the Vape Mall, we’ve got oodles of flavors to choose from, including some spectacular holiday-inspired vapes that will really get that lucky recipient into the spirit of the season. Think rich and creamy eggnog, warm and spicy gingerbread, sweet and minty candy canes – we’ve got it all. Explore our collection of vape juice flavors and find what it is that will totally capture what your friend indulges in the most.

These Awesome Holiday Gifts will Satisfy All the Vapers in Your Life

This holiday season, consider giving the vapers in your life gifts that they’ll actually use and enjoy – such as vaping hardware and new e-liquid flavors to try. We’ve got it all at The Vape Mall, providing a nice variety of products made by the most trusted brands in the business, including our own. Look through our selection, and we’re sure you’ll find something for every single vaping loved one on your gift-giving list.

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