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Best 2022 Summertime E-Liquids to Be Vaping from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

With Memorial Day now behind us, summer has arrived, and that means that it’s time to officially stock up on summertime vape juices at the Vape Mall. Many of us wait all year to indulge in our favorite seasonal e-liquids that remind us of our favorite summertime fruits, desserts, beverages and more. If you need help picking out which e-liquids are best for vaping in the warm season ahead, here are 5 of our personal favorites.

Summertime E-Liquid #1: Pink Lemonade

There’s nothing like a sweet and tangy beverage on a hot summer day, when we’re feeling especially parched. And, Pink Lemonade is the next best thing, offering the dreamy taste of juicy berries and zesty lemons with just the right level of sweetness. It’s the type of vape juice that always makes you feel rejuvenated after just a couple of puffs.

As you inhale, you’ll be delighted by the bright, slightly tart lemon flavor that tastes as natural as can be. Then comes the sparkling cranberries, raspberries and strawberries that add a fresh twist of tang, followed by some sweetness to balance things out. On the exhale, you’ll feel quenched, relieved and deeply satisfied.

Summertime E-Liquid #2: Truffle Fluff

If you’re in the mood for something a little more indulgent, this summery dessert will satisfy your cravings. Truffle Fluff is the type of dessert that your sweet tooth fantasizes about, bringing together a fluffy cupcake, gooey marshmallows, velvety custard and freshly picked, seasonal strawberries.

Once you draw a nice, big cloud into your mouth, the moist, fluffy yellow cake hits the spot immediately, with a smooth vanilla flavor that makes you feel like it’s your birthday. Then comes the gloriously rich and silky custard that offer a level of creaminess so exquisite, it needs to be vaped to be believed. The juicy strawberries emerge on the palate, along with some sweet marshmallows to elate your sweet tooth through to the exhale.

Summertime E-Liquid #3: Cola

We already covered one classic summertime beverage on our list, and now we’ve got yet another one for those craving something a bit bubblier. Cola is our tribute to one of the most iconic beverage flavors of all time, and we’ve absolutely nailed it right down to the effervescence that makes soda so darn refreshing. Our Cola e-liquid offers the exact flavor profile that you know and love, and it’s certain to give you a feeling of deep exhilaration whenever you inhale.

At first, Cola teases you with its dark, caramelized sweetness that satisfies the sweet tooth without ever being too heavy. As it makes its way down the throat, its bubbly nature will rejuvenate you even more. The flavor remains true to the original from beginning to end, and never tastes cloyingly sweet or artificial in any way.

Summertime E-Liquid #4: Summer Fling

One thing that we all look forward to each summer is the seasonal berries that ripen under the warm sun. For Summer Fling, we’ve taken the best varieties and brought them together to give you a beautifully balanced vape. Sweet, tart, smooth and tangy, Summer Fling offers a smooth and rich flavor profile that has a completely natural taste to keep you coming back for more time and time again.

Summer Fling begins with the bold, somewhat tart taste of vine-fresh boysenberries, followed by the juiciest blackberries you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. As the tangy, tart taste slowly shifts over to sweetness, you’ll enjoy the taste of strawberries that provide magnificent brightness to the flavor profile, with the balance of all of the berries satisfying you through to the exhale.

Summertime E-Liquid #5: Mango Tango

If your idea of the perfect summer vacation involves a trip to an island in the middle of paradise, we have the vape for you. Mango Tango is a tantalizing cocktail of freshly picked tropical fruits that are carefully balanced together to give you a flavor profile you’ll never want to take out of rotation.

Mango Tango starts off with the bright and cheerful taste of rich, golden mangoes, offering just a hint of tang as sweet, creamy bananas enter the picture. Luscious strawberries add a refreshing quality to the vaping experience as a rush of velvety, creamy coconut drenches every taste bud, leaving you feeling like you’re lounging on a beautiful beach at sunset, sipping something exquisite.

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