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Top 10 Holiday Season E-Liquids You Need to Be Vaping from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

The holiday season has arrived, and while we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, plan out holiday celebrations with family, and attend all of those holiday social engagements, it’s easy to forget about the best parts of the holidays, like savoring our favorite seasonal flavors. At The Vape Mall, we make that easy, with our large selection of dreamy vape juices that are inspired by the holidays.

10 E-Liquids at The Vape Mall That are Perfect for the Holidays

Let’s take a look at the some e-juices to try during the holidays, all of which come from The Vape Mall. We’re proud to offer a number of choices that were developed specifically for this time of year, along with flavor profiles that are a bit more seasonally ambiguous, but just so happen to hit the spot with tastes that capture what we crave the most around the holidays.

10: Night Cap

Night Cap is the perfect vape for when you’re ready to unwind, and simply yearn for a nice glass of something strong. The flavor profile is a perfectly balanced blend of oak barrel-aged bourbon, rich caramel, and creamy butterscotch, offering a taste that’s deeply satiating, without being cloyingly sweet.

The inhale offers up that smoky, warm bourbon taste, which is incredibly smooth as it draws along the palate. Then comes the duo of caramel and butterscotch, adding depth and darkness to the flavor, while opening up the perfect level of sweetness.

#9: Dutch Apple Pie

There really is nothing quite like finishing off a rich and filling holiday meal with some freshly baked apple pie. And, if you don’t have any handy, the next best thing is Dutch Apple Pie, our crowd-pleasing take on the classic. You’ll savor layers upon layers of decadence – a flaky, buttery crust, perfectly stewed apples, and buttery, cinnamon-flavored crumbs.

The flavor opens up with that rich and sweet apple taste, with aromatic spices that elevate the apple to new heights. Then comes the glorious crumb topping, followed by a mouthwatering pie crust flavor that rounds everything out.

#8: Vanilla Custard V2

The holidays are all about indulging, right? Well, it really doesn’t get any more indulgent than our Vanilla Custard V2, a reimagined take on the classic that’s richer, creamier, and smoother than our original, with a bit of added sweetness. It’s absolutely velvety in its draw, and each puff is a luxurious experience fit for a festive occasion.

The warmth of the vanilla instantly transports you into a world of decadence while the silky creaminess intensifies with the vapor making its way along the tongue. Sweetness keeps you feeling deeply satisfied through to the exhale, without overwhelming the overall taste.

#7: Black Honey Tobacco

Black Honey Tobacco is the ultimate treat for tobacco lovers during the holidays, with a uniquely complex and refined flavor profile that matches the luxuries we gravitate toward during this time of year. It’s a rich and nutty full-bodied tobacco with striking notes of dark honey, offering a compelling taste that goes above and beyond what we expect from tobacco-flavored e-juices.

It begins with a gorgeous richness from the tobacco, with nutty and buttery undertones that instantly appeal to the taste buds. The bold and sophisticated sweetness of the honey creeps up on you, complementing the warmth of the tobacco beautifully.

#6: Chai Tea

Chai tea may not be a seasonal flavor per se, but it can’t be denied that the warm and aromatic spices in a classic chai latte just so happen to trigger something deep inside of us that makes us think of the holidays. And, our take on chai tea is just as complex and intriguing as the real thing. With notes of black tea, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, and cream, calling this flavor enticing is an understatement.

The bouquet of spices is apparent right from the get-go, as waves of warm, rich vanilla gently waft through. The sweetness and creaminess are enhanced as you get closer to exhaling.

#5: Champagne

New Years is just a month away, and there’s no better way to bring in a new year than by sipping on some bubbly champagne. If you want to take the festivities even further, our Champagne vape juice will do the trick, with its effervescent, just-sweet-enough flavor that satisfies that craving perfectly. From beginning to end, you’ll be treated to the taste of champagne that you know and love.

#4: Chocolate Mint

There’s nothing like the combination of rich chocolate and cool mint for the holidays. Rich, indulgent, and exhilarating all at once, it’s a match made in a winter wonderland. And, our Chocolate Mint vape juice perfectly captures that flavor combo with only the highest quality ingredients.

It starts out with just a hint of crisp peppermint, along with a rush of creamy and sweet milk chocolate, and the flavor intensifies in its decadence as time goes on, offering the ultimate duo, balanced to perfection.

#3: Cranberry

There is no fruit more closely associated with the holidays than cranberries – from the cranberry sauce we eat by the spoonful, to the images of cranberry garlands swept across a Christmas tree. Our cranberry-flavored vape has a realistic taste, offering the nuances of cranberries, and not shying away from those tart and slightly bitter notes that real cranberry enthusiasts enjoy. A touch of sweetness at the end keeps you coming back for more, with a compelling flavor profile that excites the taste buds.

#2: Eggnog

Then, we have an absolute classic of the holidays, which is Eggnog. You really can’t go wrong with that rich, creamy, and sweet taste that has just the right amount of vanilla and aromatic spices. Our Eggnog flavor totally captures what it is that satisfies us when we sip on the real thing.

The flavor begins with that warm vanilla taste, and the creamy and rich custard undertones. The spices begin to blossom as the vapor makes its way across the palate, with the sweetness and richness lingering after you exhale.

#1: Gingerbread

Finally, we have Gingerbread, a glorious holiday flavor that never loses its appeal with each passing year. Our take on gingerbread offers that deep and dark molasses flavor, those buttery cookie undertones, and, of course, the generous dose of spices (heavy on the ginger, of course) that make gingerbread one of the most captivating flavors on the planet.

The Gingerbread taste opens up with the distinctive cookie-like flavor, with the molasses and butter balancing each other out beautifully. For the duration of each draw, the spices intensify, with sweetness lingering.

Get into the Holiday Spirit with These Sensational Vape Juices!

At The Vape Mall, we’re excited to offer these fantastic e-juice flavors that will keep your taste buds happy throughout the holiday season. We invite you to explore these flavors and more, and to start stocking up so that you can enjoy these festive vapes for the remainder of the year.

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