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What Are the Top Halloween-Themed E-Liquids You Should Try at The Vape Mall?

Posted by David on

Halloween is only weeks away, and while many of us are starting to think about our Halloween weekend plans and possibilities for costumes, vapers might want to consider something else – which flavors they’ll be vaping this season, to get into the spirit of the holiday. At The Vape Mall, we’ve got some absolutely magnificent Halloween-themed e-liquids that mimic the things you crave the most during this spooky time of year. Here are our personal favorites.

#5: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins and Halloween go hand in hand with one another, so it’s not surprising that so many of us start itching for some pumpkin pie once October sets in. And, thanks to Pumpkin Pie, you don’t have to whip up a perfect pie in the kitchen to indulge in that flavor to your heart’s content.

Pumpkin Pie starts out with a dreamy, rich pumpkin filling that’s sweet and spiced to perfection with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and clove. Then comes the buttery, flaky pie crust that balances out the sweetness and leaves you feeling totally satisfied all the way through to the exhale.

#4: Caramel Apple

Caramel apples are an iconic Halloween treat, and while they never fail to hit the spot, our teeth may not love them as much as our taste buds do. But, never fear – the Vape Mall’s got you covered with our absolutely spot-on take on this fall classic.

Caramel Apple offers that stunning balance between sweet, crisp and juicy apples and sugary, sticky caramel right off the bat. The sugar takes on more and more of a “bruleed” taste to add depth and richness, with a bit of creaminess from the caramel sticking around after the exhale.

#3: Chocolate Turtle

If chocolate bars are what you stock up on during Halloween, then Chocolate Turtle is the vape for you. It consists of a rich and velvety chocolate bar that’s filled with gooey, rich caramel and buttery toasted nuts, to give you everything you could possibly ask for when you’re craving one of the classics that we always used to get in our trick or treat bags.

Chocolate Turtle begins with the incredibly silky and rich chocolate, which has just the right amount of sweetness to hit the spot immediately. Then comes the trickle of thick caramel that oozes out, followed by the nuts that balance out the sweetness perfectly.

#2: Rainbow Sweet

If fruity confections are more your speed, then Rainbow Sweet is what you’re looking for. This e-juice totally nails those classic little rainbow confections with a hard sugar shell and a chewy sweet and sour filling.

Rainbow Sweet lives up to its name with a rainbow of fruity flavors right off the bat, like cherry, orange, grape, lime, lemon and strawberry. The sweet and tart flavors play off one another to keep your taste buds totally engaged from inhale to exhale.

#1: Halloween Corn

What’s more classic than those little sugary corn treats? Halloween Corn has managed to replicate the flavor perfectly, to the point that you’ll never, ever want to stop vaping it all season long. The flavor, as we all know, is notoriously hard to describe since it’s so distinctive. What we can promise is that each puff will bring a big smile to your face as your most cherished Halloween memories come to life.

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween season, treat yourself to the flavors of the holiday without the guilt. At The Vape Mall, we can take care of all of your most sinful Halloween cravings with our premium vape juice flavors, to keep you satisfied all October long.

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