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Best 2021 Fourth of July E-Juices to Be Vaping from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Now that the Fourth of July is coming up, many of us are making plans so that we can enjoy this beloved holiday to the fullest. But a big part of your ability to celebrate is the vape juice that you have in your tank, so make sure that you consider these celebratory, seasonal The Vape Mall E-Liquids before you head on off to your festivities so that you can really enjoy the day in style.

4th of July E-Juice Flavor #5: Rainbow Sherbet

One of the most beloved desserts during summer is rainbow sherbet, and this tasty treat can satsify your taste buds as you spend the day outdoors with your loved ones celebrating the holiday. This Rainbow Sherbet e-liquid perfectly captures that bright, tangy, sweet, and creamy flavor that you know and love.

On the inhale, this vape juice provides you with a rainbow of citrusy flavor notes that instantly put a smile on your face, along with luscious berries. On the exhale, velvety creaminess and sweetness collide to make you feel euphoric.

4th of July E-Juice Flavor #4: Waterberry

No July 4th barbecue is complete without lush watermelons and juicy berries galore. Waterberry nails this flavor combination with its freshness, cleanliness, and complexity that’s never, ever cloyingly sweet. It’s refreshingly flavorful and exactly what you will be craving after a juicy burger.

At first, get the bright tang of the berries, before a trickle of soothingly crisp watermelon juice runs over the tongue. The fruits get sweeter, before finally making you feel like you just indulged in the real thing.

4th of July E-Juice Flavor #3: Cola

When the heat really sets in, nothing refreshes like a nice, tall glass of iced cola. But, if you’re unable to acquire the real thing, or are simply staying away from sugar, then our Cola vape juice will do you right with its refreshing, bubbly and syrupy taste that’s as realistic as it gets.

First thing to take notice of is the effervescence that makes it feel as though you’re sipping on the real beverage. Then comes an iconic sweetness that hits the spot immediately, followed by a refreshing finish.

4th of July E-Juice Flavor #2: Pink Lemonade

Yet another all-time favorite summertime drink is Pink Lemonade, and instead of having to make it yourself, you can just take puff after puff of our glorious rendition with the same name. Fresh, juicy berries are infused into this luxurious citrusy elixir to refresh you from head to toe on the hottest days of the summer.

Each time you inhale, the tangy notes from the berries instantly lift your spirits, followed by the bold, zesty lemon. The sweetness becomes prominent just in time for that satisfying exhale.

4th of July E-Juice Flavor #1: Red, White, & Blue

Of course, if you really want to celebrate the meaning of the holiday, there is no better e-liquid than Red, White, & Blue. It’s a delectable concoction of summertime fruits and velvety cream that will have you licking your lips after each puff.

When pulling in enough vapor, you will get the bright strawberries and starfruit, followed by plump and sweet blueberries. Finally, feel euphoric thanks to the silkiest cream in the USA, sweetened to perfection to leave your mouth simply watering with joy.

Happy Independence Day from The Vape Mall!

From watching fireworks to outdoor BBQs, all of these awesome e-liquids will make you feel like you’re celebrating the 4th of July the max. And, best of all, each contains high quality and top-notch ingredients that vaping them from your mod or pod-based system is even more special. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate our nation’s birth with The Vape Mall today!

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