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A Look Back at the Best E-Liquids of 2022 from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Now that we’ve entered 2023, time for us to now approach the year ahead with some new e-liquid flavors. Here at The Vape Mall, we offer an amazing selection of mouthwatering e-juices, all boasting a unique flavor profile that captivates the taste buds in its own exciting way.

What are the Best E-Liquids from 2022 to Be Vaping with This Year?

We have made a list of the absolute best e-liquid flavors, one from each category that’s sure to please your vaping senses. If you haven’t tried any of them yet, you don’t know whatcha missing. Not to mention, these amazing choices below need to be added to your vaping collection today!

#10: Caramel Coffee (Coffee Category)

For all of the caramel lovers out there, we’ve Caramel Coffee, an absolutely exquisite beverage flavor inspired by one of the all-time top-selling coffee drinks sold at coffee shops around the country. A mouthwatering trio of robust espresso, smooth milk and sweet, decadent caramel are blended to perfection to leave you feeling euphoric.

Each inhale instantly provides a rich coffee flavor, but it doesn’t take long for the caramel to make its way over to the sweet tooth. With each exhale, instantly get treated to fresh creaminess.

#9: Pumpkin Pie (Sweets & Snacks Category)

Hard to top tasting a slice of pumpkin pie once the fall season arrives. And, if you’re trying to avoid indulging in sweets this season, you can simply vape your way to satisfaction with Pumpkin Pie, which was developed to perfectly mimic the smooth and gratifying taste of the real thing.

The inhale provides you with that velvety pumpkin taste, followed by notes of creamy vanilla and invigorating spices. Next, that sweetness rapidly builds as the vapor sits on the palate. When exhaling, get treated to a buttery, flaky pie crust that balances things out wonderfully.

#8: Chai Tea (Drinks Category)

If a nice and blissful vaping experience is what you want to have, Chai Tea is the answer. It allows you to feel like you're cozying up with a warm cup of creamy, spicy tea on a cold winter evening. Pungent black tea is infused with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom and ginger. Then, it's blended with warm, frothy milk and the perfect dose of sugar.
In fact, each inhale lifts your spirits as the warm spices swirl around the tongue. The black tea adds earthiness that makes your mouth water. On the exhale, the milk & sugar turn this flavor into a luxurious sensation.

#7: Crème Brulee (Custard & Creams Category)

Do you like to indulge in French specialties once and while? Great, because Creme Brulee is must-have e-liquid. The rich, velvety custard has just the right level of sweetness and notes of luxurious vanilla. Even that caramelized sugar topping makes this flavor deeply intoxicating.

Each inhale just surprises the palate with exceptionally rich vanilla-infused custard. A stunning vanilla taste is fresh and satisfying. The caramelized sugar flavor slowly creeps up on the sweet tooth before a bath of creaminess takes over the entire tongue when exhaling.

#6: Diamond Ice (Mints & Menthol Category)

Diamond Ice is sweet n’ minty treat that's like those tiny white mints that make the whole mouth feel tingly fresh. If you love mint but don't want something that's as intense as pure menthol, this is the vape juice flavor for you. Each hit refreshes you without overwhelming your palate.

On the inhale, it delivers a smooth, minty flavor that has a candy-like taste. The mintiness becomes a slightly intense as the vapor sits on the tongue. Every exhale delivers a pleasant dose of sweetness before a cool breeze passes across the mouth.

#5: Honeysuckle (Specialty Flavor Category)

Honeysuckles begin to blossom late March into early April, filling the air with their remarkable scent. In fact, that sweet, floral aroma never fails to make us feel a deep sense of bliss. Honeysuckle e-liquid has that complex aroma and flavor of those gorgeous little flowers that you’re sure to enjoy vaping with.

Inhale those floral notes, intriguing your palate while soothing all five senses. Slowly, that sweet honey flavor starts to take over, hitting the sweet tooth where it counts. Finally, get ready to feel extra rejuvenated as you exhale.

#4: Chocolate Peanut Butter (Chocolates & Vanillas Category)

You just cannot go wrong with a blend of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Chocolate Peanut Butter is an e-liquid reminiscent of that classic chocolate cup that's stuffed with richly sweet and slightly salty peanut butter.

With every inhale, the chocolate simply dominates. This chocolatey splendor is silky-sweet. When you exhale, the creamy, rich peanut butter taste takes over, allowing for some real ‘nutty’ euphoria.

#3: 555 Tobacco (Tobacco Category)

555 Tobacco is a straightforward tobacco flavor that users love because of how much it tastes like the real thing. This e-liquid doesn’t need any bells and whistles, because the natural tobacco taste is complex and satisfying on its own. Enough said.

However, just in case you want more info: as you inhale, take notice of its bold, nutty, and earthy tobacco goodness blooming on the palate. Then, smoky notes start adding authenticity to the experience. When exhaling, a subtle touch of sweetness rounds it all out flawlessly.

#2: Boysenberry (Fruits Category)

Boysenberries don’t get enough appreciation it seems, do they? Well, at The Vape Mall, we appreciate what this remarkable berry has to offer in terms of delectable flavor. Boysenberry is an e-liquid that pays tribute to those little juicy gems of fruity wonder.

Each time you inhale, that berry’s brightness erupts on the tongue, making the mouth instantly water like crazy. When exhaling, succulent nectar soaks into the palate, allowing you to indulge in those natural sugars for hours on end.

#1: Watermelon Sweet (Candy Category)

Watermelon Sweet is an e-juice that delivers the same taste as those sour gummy candies that burst with juicy watermelon flavor. Every nostalgic draw brings out a sugary finish takes care of your candy-related needs. Its juiciness will also satisfy, too.

With each inhale, the candy’s pure sourness soaks your tongue and makes your mouth pucker. Then, the sourness dissipates and crisp, refreshing juiciness cools you down. When you exhale, pure sugar makes a lasting impact.

Start Your New Year by Vaping Any of These Spectacular The Vape Mall E-Liquids Today!

Overall, these outstanding e-liquid flavors are each unique and just flavorsome in their own way. Plus, it seems that our customers absolutely adore them, too. And, now that we’re in 2023, it’s time once again to stock up on these delectable flavors so that you can kick off the new year in vaping style, while also take your e-juice game to the next level in the process.

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