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Best 2024 E-Liquids to Try on St. Patrick’s Day from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, it’s one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. After all, how often is it socially acceptable to start drinking beer at noon, and green beer, at that? At The Vape Mall, we’re here to help you make the day all the more festive with some outstanding e-liquid flavors that’re perfectly appropriate for the big holiday.

Our Picks for St. Patrick’s Day Vaping

The Vape Mall carries loads upon loads of premium e-liquid flavors to satisfy you all year round. If you’re looking for some flavors to get you into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got you covered with 5 handpicked choices below.

Butter Cream

If you’re looking to embrace the holiday with a bang, Butter Cream will help get you there, with a festive taste that is deserving of only the best of the best celebrations. Butter Cream offers up that rich and creamy vanilla buttercream frosting taste impeccably.

Butter Cream opens up with that smooth and rich vanilla you know and love, becoming more and more buttery while being perfectly balanced out by plenty of sweetness. Its sweetness is never cloying, but instead remains a beautifully nuanced vape juice experience.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid #4: Sweet Pipe Tobacco

A leprechaun is never complete without his trusty pipe – and while we don’t advocate for smoking (clearly), we do invite you to explore Sweet Pipe Tobacco, a flavor that is reminiscent of fine Irish pipe tobacco, to get you into the spirit. This refined flavor has a medium body and enough sweetness to delight the senses rather than overwhelm them.

Sweet Pipe Tobacco is beautifully smooth and rich from beginning to end, with hints of nuttiness and a subtle sweetness that’s like honey. The flavor is never too dark or bold, so that you can enjoy puffing on it from the start of the holiday through to the end.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid #3: Nightcap

Then, we have Nightcap, a festive drink that is totally on brand with St. Patrick’s Day. It consists of rich bourbon, gooey butterscotch, and sweet caramel, blended to smooth and delicious perfection. Nightcap can get you feeling absolutely elated without taking in a single sip of actual alcohol, as the flavor is just decadent beyond words, with that warm bourbon undertone permeating every cloud.

Nightcap starts out soothing you with a silky-smooth bourbon taste, with warm and spicy notes colliding with the sweetness. Then comes the layers of butterscotch and caramel, adding depth to the flavor profile without ever becoming cloying or tasting artificial. The exhale leaves the sweet tooth quivering with absolute delight.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid #2: Lucky Leprechaun

Does it get more on-brand than this? Lucky Leprechaun is a tribute to the iconic cereal that can have you thanking your lucky stars for its dreamy flavor. Each puff offers a hyper-realistic flavor profile consisting of those crunchy, sugar-coated cereal pieces and those fluffy, sugary marshmallow nuggets that make the sweet tooth jump for joy.

The inhale gives you that sweet and semi-savory cereal taste, with the crunchy wheat balanced out by a nice coating of sugary glaze. Then comes the creaminess of the marshmallows, offering up an uncanny replica of the taste we all know and love, followed by a trickle of rich, cold milk.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid #1: Irish Rum

Finally, we have the most St. Patrick’s Day flavor of all time: Irish Rum. After all, what more could you ask for? This dreamy vape juice consists of that iconic Irish cream with just a splash of dark rum for added depth of flavor. The result is an outstandingly complex, refined flavor profile that you’ll never want to stop vaping long after the festivities have winded down.

Irish Rum opens up with that classic Irish cream taste, with its velvety mouthfeel and boozy, sweet flavor. The rum adds hints of dark spice to create an even more well-rounded experience. It finishes off with just the right amount of sweetness to leave you drooling with satisfaction, and ready to go in for another puff.

Feel as Lucky as a Leprechaun with These Pot-of-Gold E-Juice Flavors at The Vape Mall

If you’re as excited about St. Patrick’s Day as we are, you don’t want to miss out on these top-notch flavors at The Vape Mall, all of which have been hand-selected by yours truly to bring in the holiday in style. Whether you’re going to be bar-hopping all day and night, or staying at home with loved ones, these e-liquids will get you into the spirit, and make you feel like you’re really taking advantage of this festive and historic holiday. 

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