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Top 3 2019 Valentine’s Day E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Whether you’ve got a hot date or you’re riding solo this Valentine’s Day, you really can’t go wrong with any of these vape juices. Each e-juice below boasts a decadent flavor profile that will leave you wanting to have a love affair with your mod. Whether you’re craving smooth custard, rich chocolate or fizzy champagne, The Vape Mall has got it all.

2019 Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #3: Vanilla Custard V2

There’s really nothing more seductive than a big bowl of rich, silky custard that’s flavored by fresh, aromatic vanilla beans. As that velvety treat drifts across your tongue, you’ll find yourself drooling beyond control. No custard lover should skip out on this luxurious treat this Valentine’s Day. At first, the smoothness of the custard is apparent. It glides across each taste bud while the vanilla flavor intensifies. Then, the richness of the cream sinks into your palate. With each exhale, the perfect amount of sugar lands on the sweet tooth while the sublime creaminess of the dessert takes over.

2019 Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #2: Pink Bubbly

Few flavors are more romantic than fizzy, crisp champagne. A gorgeous rosé champagne that’s smooth, effervescent and pleasantly sweet. Each puff will make you feel like you’re sipping on something expensive. If you’re going to be on a date this Valentine’s Day, make sure to share! You’ll notice the fizziness of this flavor as soon as you inhale. As the champagne tickles your tongue, the crisp, sweet taste of an exceptional rosé takes over your taste buds, making you feel like a million bucks. On the exhale, you’ll feel deeply refreshed.

2019 Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #1: Chocolate Mint

Exactly what you need to get into the spirit of this romantic holiday. The rich, velvety chocolate melts on the tongue as the crisp, fresh mint exhilarates and stimulates your senses. Few other vape juices come close to satisfying those chocolate cravings. As soon as you inhale, the rush of chocolate sweeps your tongue off of its feet. The sweetness and creaminess of the chocolate intensify before the rush of cool mint takes over on the exhale.

Get into the Mood with These Luxurious E-Juices from The Vape Mall

These e-juices will make you feel decadent all Valentine’s Day long and even make for a nice gift for that special vaper in your life.

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