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A Look Back at the Best E-Liquids of 2021 from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

As a new year has arrived, many of us are now getting into our new routines and hopefully fulfilling any resolutions we have made. For vapers, it could be about using learning a new vape trick, trying some new hardware or perhaps vaping away on a new e-liquid. Speaking of the last one, with so many e-juices to choose from, how is a vaper supposed to go about getting their ‘vape on’ in 2022. Well, The Vape Mall has made things a bit simpler for you.

What are the Best E-Liquids from 2021 to Be Vaping with This Year?

We have made a list of the ten best e-juice flavors, one from each category that’s sure to please your vaping senses. If you haven’t tried any of them yet, you don’t know what you’re missing as you will soon find out.

#10: Vanilla Custard (Custard & Creams Category)

Vanilla Custard is a rich n’ creamy flavor that never disappoints and is beloved by many. We make our custard so delicious that you can taste the fresh cream and buttery egg yolks as those vanilla notes slowly satisfies your dessert cravings. When you inhale, the velvety taste hits the spot immediately, getting richer and richer along the way. The exhale is sweet and creamy, with strong notes of real vanilla.

#9: Easy Mocha (Coffee Category)

What happens when you combine espresso with chocolatey syrup and frothy milk? You get Easy Mocha. This outstandingly rich mocha delight will take care of both your chocolate cravings and your coffee-related desires with total ease. When inhaling a splash of espresso flavor hits your palate where it counts. Quickly, the chocolate flavor gives your sweet tooth something to sing about. On the exhale, the smooth milk balances out the richness of the other flavorful components flawlessly.

#8: Twinkeez (Specialty Flavor)

Twinkeez is an awesome take on that iconic snack that consists of spongy yellow cake that's stuffed with rich vanilla cream. Savor each draw of this indulgent treat. Best of all, this e-juice can be enjoyed for hours without any guilt. Every inhale satisfies immediately with that yellow cakey flavor that's oh-so sweet n’ buttery. Then, when exhaling, your tongue will be slathered in velvety vanilla cream that has the right amount of sweetness to it.

#7: Boom (Sweets & Snacks Category)

If you enjoyed those red, white and blue Popsicles from back in the day, Boom is an amazing rendition of this amazing delight. Plus, you won’t have worry about the darn thing melting on you while you are out in the summer sun. Just picture for a moment viewing fireworks on the Fourth of July and enjoying a wonderful Popsicle. Or, perhaps just sunbathing on the beach without a care in the world of falling asleep and waking up a short time later covered in sticky juices from that treat. This e-juice has a fruity inhale and a very classic sweet exhale that will keep you coming back for more.

#6: Ecto Cooler (Drinks Category)

Ecto Cooler is a succulent and citrusy fruit juice that's as bright and cheery as the sun. Zesty orange juice dominates, refreshing you like crazy. The extra dose of sugary sweetness makes you feel like you're sipping on your favorite juice box from back in the day through a little red straw. Each inhale invigorates the palate with zesty citrus notes. Orange juice bathes the tongue while other citrus flavors splatter on the taste buds. Pure juiciness satisfies your thirst before the ultra-sugary finish works its magic on the exhale.

#5: Chocolate Mint (Chocolates & Vanillas Category)

Chocolate Mint consists of the richest and creamiest chocolate as well as fresh, icy peppermint. These two flavors balance each other out incredibly well, making you want more during every vaping session. Inhale a river of silky and creamy chocolate, as its sweetness intensifies gradually, giving your palate that kiss of sugar without overwhelming it. With every exhale, invigorating mintiness refreshes your whole mouth.

#4: Black Honey Tobacco (Tobacco Category)

Do you desire sweet tobacco at its finest? If so, Black Honey Tobacco vape juice will become your new favorite sensation. It takes rich tobacco and drizzles it with oh-so sweet n’ sticky honey. With every draw, your tobacco cravings will be satisfied, and your sweet tooth will be in a state of bliss. Inhale those nutty and rich undertones make the palate sing. This flavor provides a solid throat hit that makes you feel like you're puffing on an analog. Each exhale drapes the tongue in glorious honey that complements the natural sweetness of the tobacco flavor.

#3: Cinnamon Fire (Candy Category)

For a unique treat, especially for vapers who crave some spice with their sugar, Cinnamon Fire e-juice is a must-have. That ‘hot’ cinnamon flavor sets your tongue blazing before its sugary finish mellows you out and satisfies your candy cravings. In fact, each inhale e-juice splashes fiery cinnamon flavor onto the tongue. As your taste buds start burning, a rush of sugary sweetness comes to the rescue. Every exhale balances between sugar & cinnamon right up until you take another hit.

#2: Menthol (Mints & Menthol)

Menthol e-juice speaks for itself, as this is a clean and pure menthol sensation that can be added to any tobacco-flavored or even fruit-flavored vape juice. If that kiss of fresh mint invigorates unlike any other, then this one is a must-have. Each inhale and exhale provides that cool n’ minty kick to keep you satisfied for hours on end. Doesn’t get any cooler, frostier, or simply fresher than that.

#1: Wild Cherry (Fruits Category)

If all you want is just the smoothest and most lusciously hand-picked wild cherries around, The Vape Mall has you covered. Wild Cherry e-juice has the ripeness of those little gems, while providing an initial burst of tartness before becoming dazzlingly sweet. Every inhale makes your mouth pucker slightly due to the right balance of pure tanginess and tartness tart taste of ripe cherries. The exhale is simply juicy n’ sweet.

Kick-Off Your New Year By Trying Any of These Amazing E-Liquids at The Vape Mall!

Overall, these ten e-juice flavors are each unique and just flavorsome in their own way. Not to mention, it seems that our customers absolutely adore them, too. Now that we are in 2022, it’s time once again to stock up on these delectable flavors so that you can start off the new year right.

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