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Top 5 Chocolates & Vanillas from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

At The Vape Mall, you can treat yourself to a variety of dessert flavors that satisfy your tongue with the tastes of creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. Whether you want to indulge in the classic taste of vanilla ice cream or want to escape from your troubles with the smooth taste of chocolate mixed with peanut butter, The Vape Mall can take care of your cravings like nobody else. 

French Vanilla

French Vanilla vape juice from The Vape Mall is a beautiful tribute to the rich and creamy taste of pure, high-quality vanilla beans and rich egg yolks. Like a creamy custard, French Vanilla vape juice has a silky-smooth consistency on the tongue and an aroma that will make you feel drunk with joy. Each inhale of French Vanilla e-juice warms the palate with those yummy vanilla notes. The vanilla taste becomes sweet as the vapor sits on the tongue. When you exhale, the creaminess of the vanilla dominates as the rich taste of egg yolks makes you feel luxurious.
Banana Split

Banana Split vape juice allows you to indulge in that decadent treat at any time of the day. The creamy banana flavor is enhanced by the smooth, rich vanilla ice cream and that satisfying drizzle of sticky chocolate syrup. Every puff is like a spoonful of the most luscious sundae on the planet. When you inhale Banana Split e-juice, the smooth banana taste slowly crawls across the taste buds while its sweetness builds and builds. Then, the chocolate taste adds richness to the flavor profile. With every exhale, velvety vanilla ice cream gushes down the tongue.
Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint vape juice is a special flavor that's made with the highest-quality ingredients around. With every inhale and exhale, you'll taste the richest and creamiest chocolate as well as fresh, icy peppermint. The two flavors balance each other out beautifully, making you want more and more. On the inhale, Chocolate Mint e-juice unleashes a river of silky and creamy chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate intensifies gradually, giving your sweet tooth that kiss of sugar without overwhelming it. With every exhale, invigorating peppermint refreshes your entire mouth.
Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn't love vanilla ice cream? Vanilla Ice Cream vape juice is the richest and creamiest vanilla ice cream flavor out there. You'll taste the richness of the eggs, the smoothness of the farm-fresh cream and the warmth of the vanilla whenever you take a hit. As you inhale Vanilla Ice Cream e-juice, that rush of vanilla is so pure and intense that you'll want to close your eyes and savor every second that it's on your tongue. Then, the richness from the eggs gives this flavor a custard-like taste. When you exhale, cream soaks every taste bud.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

You can't go wrong with a blend of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Chocolate Peanut Butter vape juice is reminiscent of that classic chocolate cup that's stuffed with rich, sweet and slightly salty peanut butter. With every inhale of Chocolate Peanut butter e-juice, the chocolate dominates. This chocolate flavor is silky and sweet. When you exhale, the creamy, rich peanut butter taste takes over.

Grab This Collection Today

The collection of chocolate and vanilla flavors at The Vape Mall are masterfully-blended and are inspired by our very favorite indulgences. If your sweet tooth yearns for those classic treats, grab all five and experience intense vaping pleasure.

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