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The True Importance of Knowing Your PG/VG Ratios

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall PG/VG

There are two main categories through which such questions fall. In most cases, the balance of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) to PG (Propylene Glycerin) in your e-juice boils down to the personal preference. However, there are some general truths concerning your different vaping devices and the VG or PG e-liquids. And because most vapers accept them, they are called general facts.

PG Contributes to a Greater Throat Hit
When you were a smoker and pulling out the large fumes of smoke, you remember the feeling you experienced. The taste makes your throat thumbs rhythmically. For the general purpose, high PG e-juices offer more throat hits versus those of higher VG e-juices. However, some devices can provide a strong throat hit using VG, which we’ll explore shortly here. However, as we just mentioned, the PG produces the greater throat hit.

PG = More Flavor and VG = Bigger Clouds
For most, this is an arguable point. However, it’s widely accepted by general vapers. While flavors emit from e-juice mixtures, it is true that PG has higher flavor than VG. PG contains many concentrate vapors. Moreover, it’s true that VG can mute flavors or take longer for the flavors to mature vs PG. You can increase the amount of flavor to overcome the dullness. When it comes to vapor production, it’s the opposite. You see, VG creates larger and thicker clouds compared to PG. It all boils down to your vaping device. You should determine whether your vaping device accepts the different levels of VG or PG, and for this reason, you’ll avoid wicking problems or irritation that results in those dreaded dry hits.

E-Cigarettes (traditional)
These devices contain the cartomizer that forms one of the common tank styles for vaping. They include the Kanger Protank and Mini Nautilus. These coils range between 1.0 – 2.4 ohms and vape below 20w. Because their tanks cannot cope with thicker fluids which lead to dry hits and unpleasant burns, they’re suitable for high 40%pg up to 100%pg liquids with 50pg/50vg being the most common. 

Most MODs allow the use of drippers. For this reason, you can access a more flexible parameter in the fluid ratios. Your coil strength is necessary, meaning, if your MOD’s coil uses higher ohms, you can use high PG fluid. However, you can also use the high VG lower ohm coils. Tip: For a better drip when using a MOD, you can try a 25/75 PG/VG ratio.

The basics of PG and VG are easy to comprehend. They work in different ways and for each other. For a start, you can try out a 50/50 ratio before trying other combinations. Moreover, you should understand the working of your vaping device with the two components.

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