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The Reason Why Your E-Juice is so Thick

Posted by David on

As we all know, there are many different e-juices out there to choose from. That’s why sometimes you will find that the e-juices you buy are not always consistent in thickness. Some will be thin while others will be quite thick. So, what makes them this way?

A major factor for why one bottle of e-liquid may be thicker than the next bottle you buy comes down to the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) that is in the liquid. Vegetable glycerin is a natural and organic solvent that is made from vegetable oil. This vegetable oil is used to manufacture many products including cosmetic products and any food items. If you are looking for more cloud production, then VG is the way to go.

Propylene glycol (PG) on the other hand will improve the taste, hence those who like to flavor chase, and experience a desirable throat hit.

Different vape juices have unique combinations of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The most popular blends are 80/20 VG/PG, 70/30 VG/PG, 50PG/50VG, and 60VG/40PG. These are the blends that also work better for use in a clearomizer and won't drip into a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

Vapers that drip juice onto their RDA will typically have a higher ratio of VG over PG. And those who utilize a clearomizer might find it harder to use higher amounts of VG because the juice has a tougher time getting from the tank all the way to the coils

You can use a clearomizer even if you use a higher VG based-liquid, but you should first dilute it with some water. By adding distilled water to your batch, it will help to thin it down and make it not so thick. A rule of thumb to follow when diluting your juice is to add one drip of distilled water to every 2ml of e-liquid. This is just a recommendation and you may want to experiment a bit to get just the right consistency. Everyone has their own preferences and this formula may not be the way that you particularly like it. You could also use alcohol to dilute your juice, but it not recommended.

To recap, if your e-juice is thicker, the culprit is the higher amount of VG in it. Pay attention to the ratios when you’re purchasing your e-juice. It will make a difference.

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