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Fact or Fiction: Is It Possible to Over-Shake Your E-Liquid?

Posted by David on

For many vapers, steeping e-liquid is a crucial component of the overall vaping experience. This fairly simple process allows the complexity of an e-liquid's flavor profile to shine. Steeping vape juice involves speeding up the oxidization process so that the flavor molecules intensify, resulting in a fuller, richer and more nuanced taste.

Regularly shaking your bottle of vape juice is a part of the steeping process. However, it is possible to shake your bottle of vape juice too frequently or too vigorously.

What Does Shaking Do to Your E-Liquid Anyways?

Your e-liquid is composed of a wide variety of molecules that come from its various ingredients. When you shake a bottle of e-juice, you agitate these molecules and force them to interact with each other. This speeds up the oxidization process, resulting in a more concentrated vape juice flavor and increasingly potent nicotine.


If you shake your e-liquid bottle too vigorously or frequently, you can cause the nicotine to become over-oxidized. This will result in a harsh flavor that many say tastes like black pepper. Hence, creating an unpleasant vaping experience as the nicotine irritates the throat on an intense level.


Over-shaking your bottled e-liquid can cause the flavor to become too oxidized. This will destroy the complexity of your e-juice’s flavor profile and give it a bright, acidic taste that's unpleasant. Over-shaking can also cause your e-liquid to taste weak and dissatisfying.


If you shake your e-liquid bottle aggressively before filling your tank, you'll probably end up with lots of air bubbles. This can cause your tank to spit and gurgle, resulting in a vaping experience that's anything but smooth and pleasurable.

How to Shake Your E-Liquid Bottle for a Flawless Vape Session

Typically, steeping your vape juice involves removing the labels of your bottles and storing them in a cool, dark place for about two weeks. If you're going to use this method to steep your vape juice, make sure that you only give your bottles a quick and gentle shake once every couple of days.

Also, before adding that vape juice to your tank, shake the bottle quickly and gently to make sure that all of the ingredients are properly combined.

Overall, shaking your bottled e-liquid can really bring out a flavor's complexity and richness. However, it's critical to avoid over-shaking as again, this can result in a deeply unpleasant vape.

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