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The Damage of Burnt Coils and How to Avoid Them

Posted by David on

The wick and coil in your electronic cigarette or MOD should not be used if they are giving you a burnt taste. There are many ways to avoid burning out your coil and they should be replaced correctly. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid using your device when your coil is burnt out and how to properly change out your atomizer.

Causes of Burnt Out Coils

There are three main causes of coils getting burnt out before their time has come. Here are a few ways to avoid this from happening.

  • Voltage and Wattage
  • If you are vaping at high voltages and wattages, your coil can burn out quickly. The higher voltage burns the wick on the inside of your coil. This will lead to your e-liquid not saturating into the coil very well. Heat will then build up in your coil which will cause burning or popping. Preventing this is as easy as reducing the voltage on your device. Start with a low voltage and slowly increase the value to what your coil can still comfortably handle. Purchasing higher quality coils will also help to avoid a burnt coil.

  • Chain Vaping
  • The base used for your e-liquid can also be a reason for your wick and coil burning out more quickly than it should. Vegetable glycerin is thicker, which makes it take longer to saturate into the wick. It also tends to be a bit sugary causing caramelization in the wick when it is exposed to heat. You can solve this by purchasing an e-juice with a higher ratio of propylene glycol.

  • Choice of E-Liquid
  • Your wick and coil will burn out quickly if you are vaping all day without giving your device a break. It will cause your coil to overheat leading to a burnt wick and eventually a burnt coil. You can avoid this by giving your device a break between vaping and by adding a few seconds before you take another hit.

Burnt vape hits are among the worst things beginner vapers can experience. It can happen to almost any vape model, from disposable vape pens to cloud-heavy sub-ohm tanks. Burnt vape coils can even steer vapers away from vaping altogether.

Reasons a Vape Could Still Taste Burnt With a New Coil

A hit from your vape can taste burnt for several reasons, even with a new coil in place. Some top reasons include the following:

  • E-liquid is too low
  • Puffing dry cotton wick
  • Puffing too frequently
  • High-power vaping
  • Priming the coil incorrectly
  • Using a faulty coil
  • Using the wrong battery

Having a burnt taste when vaping can ruin the experience even for experienced vapers. Watch out for these possible reasons if you have a burnt-tasting vape. Always clean the vape tank and coil for the best vaping experience.

Why Disposable Vapes Could Taste Burnt

Burnt vape hits often occur when there's no e-liquid or not enough on the wick when puffing. These issues can also affect disposable vape pens, which tend to lack some of the more advanced components and accessories used in custom vaping devices. Some common reasons behind burnt hits in disposable vapes may include the following:

  • Chain vaping: This is when the user takes multiple puffs in quick succession, causing the wick to dry out faster than it can soak up enough e-juice, resulting in a burnt vape taste.
  • Overheating: A malfunctioning vape can overheat during use, especially if there's inconsistent heat transfer from the coil to the wick.
  • Quality of the vape juice: Using poor-quality e-liquid can result in a burnt-tasting vape.
  • Age of the vape device: Disposable vape pens have a limited lifespan and can start producing a burnt taste as they age.

Vaping is a more enjoyable alternative to smoking. If your current coil leaves a burnt taste, swap it with a new one. Just remember to prime the coil first and allow the wick cotton to get saturated with enough e-juice for an enjoyable vaping experience.

Why to Avoid Burnt Coils

There are many reasons to avoid using burnt coils. The first reason is that you will end up with an undesirable burnt taste-making your experience less enjoyable. Depending on how bad the coil is burnt, you could end up choking or vomiting immediately. Depending on what kind of coil you are using they can produce some particles that stick to the vapor and end up ingested by the user when they are burned dry. Some have an allergy to these particles being created. These particles can even be toxic.

Changing Out Your Coil

If you have a burnt coil it is important that you know how to change it out for a new one to avoid these pitfalls of a burnt coil. On just about every device, the burnt coils easily screw out of the devices and the new ones’ screw right back in. Before you use the new coil make sure that you let the wick get completely saturated. This will help to avoid burning out your new coil.

By knowing a few reasons that coils burn out, how they can negatively affect you, and how to change the burnt coil out properly you can avoid having as many burnt out coils. Make sure that you change them out and prime them properly with a device that has optimum settings to avoid burnt coils.

Our team at The Vape Mall can help find the best solution to avoid the burnt taste when vaping. Contact us today for more information on the latest in vape products and accessories.

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