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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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How to Clean Vape Tank and Coil

Keeping The Tank And Coil Of Your Vape Device In Top Shape

Chances are you will be proud of the purchase you made after you get your vape device, but if you want to keep it shiny and sleek and an interesting piece to not only use but also look at, you will have to do a bit of maintenance work in order to keep it at its best.

Cleaning your vape device is important. Don’t know how to clean a vape tank and coil? No problem -- read on! We will guide you through the process and you’ll get to understand your device better, from the various parts to the care and maintenance they need.

The Main Components Of A Vape Device

In order to understand how to clean it you will have to know its components. Regardless of how advanced the device is, at its core, the pen-style vaporizer has 3 main parts: the tank, coil, and battery. The tank is the part of the device that is holding the e-liquid, and is generally combined with an atomizer. Vape coils are the part responsible for heating up the e-liquid in order to convert it into vapor, and the battery is the device’s power source.

Keeping the device clean will make sure that you can get the maximum amount of flavor after every hit. When you change the e-juice, you should rinse the tank – this will make sure that the new flavor doesn’t get any residue from the old one and compromise it. If you feel that you’re not getting the best performance out of the device, then you should definitely do a full-scale clean – but it’s ideal that you clean it often enough so that it doesn’t get to that point.

A Quick and Simple Rinse

If you think the tank is relatively clean, then giving it a simple rinse with warm or hot water should do the trick. Separate the parts and take apart the tank. Make sure you get rid of any e-liquid that is still in the tank, then place all the parts under running water. Dry the parts with a paper towel, and then simply let them dry until you no longer see any water or condensation. You should let things air dry for at least 10 to 15 minutes or until they are completely dry before you reassemble the device.

Taking Things A Step Further

If you start cleaning your device and see that it’s not as clean as you thought it was, then fill a bowl with water and warm it up while you rinse the parts of the device. Take the bowl out, and place the tank in the water and let it sit there until the water cools down. If you feel that the tank is really dirty, then you can add a few drops of dish soap in order to make sure it’s clean. Afterwards, give your tank another rinse and dry it as mentioned above. If you want to dry it faster you can use a blow dryer, but that can be a risky move, as too much heat can damage some parts of your vape device.

Another option is that Instead of warm water and dish soap, you can use soak the tank in propylene glycol. You would have to let the tank sit there for one or two hours before you take it out. This helps get rid of any leftover flavor. After you take it out of PG, simply place it on a napkin or paper towel and let it drip dry.

Deep Cleaning Your Vape Device

If a more advanced technique is necessary in order to clean the device properly, cleaning it with cheap vodka (high-proof and non-flavored) can help do the trick. Vodka works as a solvent and will help break down any e-juice that is still in the tank.

Here’s how: Disassemble the device, get rid of any e-liquid, and use a cloth or paper towel to dampen with vodka and then scrub parts of the tank that are difficult to get to until everything is clean. After you scrubbed it thoroughly, wipe the tank and rinse it with warm water. Simply let it air dry for 10 to 15 minutes and then reassemble the device.

If you don’t have any vodka in the house and don’t want to buy some simply to clean your tank, you can use other products. Baking soda can be a good choice, as it works as a cleaning agent and will get the tank in top shape once again.

Other choices include vinegar and ethanol. Vinegar is highly acidic, which is why i’s widely used for cleaning, but you will have to rinse the tank thoroughly to make sure that it won’t keep smelling of vinegar after you cleaned it. Ethanol, also known as grain alcohol, is also an effective substance when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning The Coils?

Vape coils play a big role when it comes to influencing flavor, which is why you want to keep them in great shape. Coils that are not in good condition will result in the flavor and the vapor production suffering. You will have to remove the wicks from the coils, and then dry burn the coils lightly.

Unfortunately, the reality of it is that at some point you will have to replace the coil, regardless of how clean you keep the device. If the coils are visually crusted, dark, or damaged then it’s time to change them. Moreover, if you noticed that the vapor production decreased, if there are any leaking issues with the atomizer, or if you get a burnt taste even after you cleaned your vape pen then you should replace the coil. There are many different coils available that you can choose from, and changing it is a simple process.

Keeping Your Vape Device In Good Shape

When you’re not using it, your vaporizer should be stored somewhere safe, so that you avoid any accidents. You can get a storage case and place it there when you’re not using it for longer periods of time or when you’re travelling. Other things you can do to make sure your vape device lasts longer is to simply maintain an ideal level when it comes to e-liquids. Ensure that your tank always has enough e-liquid and don’t let it run dry. On the other hand, don’t add e-liquid all the way to the top. Simply find an optimal level.

One extra tip is to keep the e-juice in an appropriate environment. The vape juice should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or be left in direct sunlight. The reason for this is that extreme heat will thin out the vape juice and this can increase the likelihood of your vape pen to experience leaks or it could lead to poor vapebox performance.

Follow these tips for the care and cleaning of your vaporizer, and it will continue to offer you the best possible vape experience for a long time!