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Going Through Coils at a Faster Rate? It Might Be the E-Juice!

Posted by David on

Most of us vapers know how it goes – we load in a fresh coil, anticipating hours upon hours of smooth, flavorful vaping, only to find that our coil dies way sooner than it’s supposed to. Of course, there are a number of reasons why our coils can die out prematurely – cheap materials, incompatible output levels, failure to prime properly and so on. Sometimes, however, you need to consider that it is actually the e-liquid you are vaping that is the culprit. Yes, this can potentially play a significant role in the longevity of your coils.

Ways in Which Your E-Juice May Be Sabotaging Your Coils

So, what qualities in an e-juice can actually damage the coils? Well, before listing those qualities, let’s quickly explain the relationship between your e-liquids and the health of your coils.

A coil has a few components: the outer shell, the wire inside, which is actually the “coil” part of the coil, and the wick. The job of the coil is to absorb the right amount of e-liquid into the wick, with that e-juice reserve then being heated by the actual coil wire. This evaporates the e-liquid in a controlled manner.

Therefore, you can understand why an e-juice has the potential to interfere with the coil. If the juice has the wrong consistency or ingredients, the coil can have to work harder to evaporate it, or the e-liquid can actually gunk up the coil and prevent it from doing its job.

Now, let’s get into the specific factors of a vape juice that can be damaging to a coil.

Factor #1: Too Much Sweetener

Easily, the biggest reason why your e-juice is causing you to burn through your coils is because of the sweetness factor. Most of the e-liquids that we enjoy are sweet – flavors inspired by candies, desserts and so on. Yes, they taste delicious, but that may come at a cost. Sweeteners used in vape juice are high in sugar, unsurprisingly, and we know that when sugar is heated, it becomes extremely sticky and even resinous at extremely high temperatures. The higher your vape output level, the more that sugar will burn. And, this can cause residue to build up on the coil that causes the coil to burn as well.

Factor #2: Too Much VG

A lot of vapers enjoy max VG e-liquids, but this type of e-juice isn’t appropriate for all coil types. Too much VG combined with a higher resistance level can cause a coil to work too hard to properly vaporize the e-juice, meaning that it dies out sooner. This is because VG, short for vegetable glycerin, is a thick and viscous ingredient that does not evaporate as easily as PG (propylene glycol). Therefore, higher VG levels take more work on the coil’s part to convert into vapor.

Factor #3: Too Much PG

Similarly, vaping a high-PG e-liquid at a high wattage or temperature can also damage your coil. Propylene glycol thins out an e-juice and if too thin, the coil can essentially burn out because it’s evaporating the e-liquid too quickly, thus creating dry hits.

Factor #4: Low-Quality Ingredients

Some e-liquids are simply made with low-quality ingredients, such as specific types of flavoring agents that really are not intended to withstand the heat that coils can reach. Other ingredients can gunk up your coil in the way that excessive sugar does. This means that your coil can die out quickly if your e-liquid’s ingredients are not high enough in quality.

How to Choose an E-Juice to Extend the Life of Your Coils

Coil life is important but the e-juice you select can also make all the difference. So, consider the following as part of your e-liquid purchasing decision.

#1: Consider the VG/PG Ratio

When choosing a VG/PG ratio, consider the output level that you’ll be vaping at, to ensure that it’s compatible with your coil.

#2: Choose Only Premium E-Liquid Companies

Make sure to only get your vape juices from premium e-liquid companies known for using high-quality ingredients.

#3: Be Mindful of the Flavor

While sweet flavors are very tempting, consider avoiding a flavor that’s too full of sugar, especially if you vape at high output levels that could potentially burn the sugar compounds.

Overall, a Coil’s Lifespan Relies Heavily on the E-Juice Being Vaped With

We know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re burning through coils and wasting money in the process. The next time you notice your coils are not lasting long enough, consider the e-juice that you are vaping. As you can see, a lot of times, the e-liquid is actually responsible for your weak coil performance, and some minor adjustments to the vape juices you choose can make a huge difference.

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