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Is Your Pod System Getting Too Hot?

Posted by David on

An overheated device when vaping, simply put, is every vaper’s worst nightmare. Besides the fact that an overheated device means the end of a vape session, it can actually be quite dangerous. No battery is immune to combustion under the right circumstances.

Now that you’re using a pod system, you’re probably feeling quite relieved. Unlike the large, technologically complicated box mods that dominated the vaping industry just a couple of years ago, pod systems are extremely intuitive, easy to maintain and simple in design. Therefore, they don’t require nearly as much maintenance and care as the box mods of yesteryear.

Still, your pod mod can indeed overheat, meaning that you have to follow the right steps in order to remedy the situation or risk losing its functionality. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to both identify and fix an overheated pod system, as you’ll see below.

Signs that Your Pod System is Getting Too Hot

These signs are key to knowing what to do:

  • The first sign of an overheated pod system is, of course, that it feels hot to the touch. While particularly intense vaping sessions can warm up your device, it should never feel uncomfortably hot in the hand. If your pod system does feel hot when you hold it, put it down immediately and leave it alone.
  • Another sign that your pod system is overheating is that it will simply stop working. At a certain point, your battery will not be able to deliver the proper amount of power.
  • If your coil is overheating in addition to your battery, you might notice a strange cloudiness inside of your pod cartridge.

Why Do Pod Systems Get Overheated in the First Place?

Pod systems can become overheated for a number of reasons:

  • One common culprit is simply allowing it to sit out in the sun on a particularly hot day.
  • Another reason could be that you’re chain-vaping way too much and not allowing the battery and coil to get back down to normal temperature before firing your device again.
  • Sometimes, your device can overheat because one of the mechanisms within your setup is out of alignment. For example, if your battery is put in incorrectly, the wrong part of it can absorb too much heat. Or, perhaps, your coil is a bit loose, causing it to make way too much contact with the battery connections.
  • Yet another common culprit is allowing it to charge for way too long.

Preventing Your Pod System from Overheating

These three preventions can really go a long way:

  • In order to prevent your pod system from overheating, make a point to avoid overcharging it or leaving it outdoors when the weather is hot.
  • Also, periodically take apart your setup to make sure that everything is in its right place.
  • Lastly, if you’re a chain-vaper, consider taking longer breaks between hits in order to allow your coil to cool down.

Dealing with an Overheated Pod System

Now, if this should happen to you, here’s what you need to do:

  • If your pod system is in fact overheating, stop vaping immediately and put it in a cool, dark place for at least thirty minutes. Make sure that you don’t charge it during this time.
  • Once your device has cooled down, take it apart in order to examine all of its components. Sometimes, an overheated device can melt certain mechanisms within the mod, which can actually be quite dangerous.
  • If a part of your device has been damaged, replace it before resuming your vaping session.

Keep Your Pod Mod Working Properly

While an overheated pod mod can be quite hazardous, there are some simple ways to prevent your device from getting too hot.

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