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Supporting Your Local Vape Shop the Right Way!

Posted by David on

As the vaping industry continues to become increasingly popular, the unsung hero continues to be the local vape shop that’s in your neighborhood. It’s these local vape shops that are largely responsible for keeping the industry alive, and yet they don’t seem to get the love that they deserve.

So, why are vape shops so instrumental in the growth of the vaping industry? And, what can you do to support your local shops in order to help them stay in business? We’ll be answering those questions today.

Are You Supporting Your Local Vape Shop?

Ah, the neighborhood vape shop. Perhaps it’s where you first learned about vaping, and in turn, picked up your very first vaping device. When the vaping industry first started out, all that we had were low-power e-cigarettes that could be purchased exclusively in convenience stores, gas stations and on the internet.

That all changed, however, when hardware manufacturers began producing more powerful vaping devices shortly after those e-cigs exploded on the market. Suddenly, all different kinds of mods were popping up, as well as literally hundreds of e-liquid brands developing delicious flavors for former smokers to enjoy.

And, that’s when vape shops started popping up all over the country. These shops were and still are run by industry experts who have made it their mission to help you come up with the perfect setup to ensure that you quit and stay off cigarettes. If you did pick up your first vaping setup at a vape shop in town, you probably remember how incredibly helpful and knowledgeable the staff was.

Now, vaping devices and e-liquids are easier to find in convenience stores and online. This means that many people have stopped making trips to their local vape shops for convenience’s sake. But, maybe it’s time to go back to that vape shop for all of your vaping needs. After all, these shops rely on your support, as does the entire vaping industry.

Local Vape Shops Keep the Industry Healthy

Local vape shops are the bread and butter of the vaping industry as a whole. For one thing, local vape shops are where most people visit when they want to quit smoking, because they don’t know where to start and need a little guidance. Therefore, if it weren’t for local vape shops, far more people would still be hooked on tobacco.

Additionally, vape shops keep the industry visible to the general public, which has helped normalize the industry to those who were initially skeptical. Further, vape shops stock large amount of vaping supplies, which is good for vape companies, which is good for the entire industry.

Local Vape Shops Need Your Money More Than Convenience Stores

Many people now go to convenience stores to buy their vaping products, but local vape shops deserve your money more. Vape shops sell a wide spectrum of products that people use every day, which means that they’re far more likely to provide a better experience. If everyone starts going to convenience stores to get their vaping supplies, vape shops will not be able to stay in business.

Local Vape Shops Have Knowledgeable Staff Who Want to Help You Find the Best Products

Vape shops are staffed with people who have a whole lot of knowledge regarding vaping. These people want you to find the device that’s best suited to your individual needs, as well as the e-liquids that will be most appealing to your unique taste buds. Isn’t it nice to walk into a store and speak with someone who knows your tastes perfectly, and can recommend new products that will satisfy you?

How Can You Support Your Local Vape Shop to Benefit the Industry as a Whole?

Local vape shops deserve your support, and they also depend on it. The next time you think about running to the local gas station to pick up your e-liquid, consider going to the nearby vape shop instead. The entire vaping industry will appreciate it.

#1: Purchase Your Products Exclusively from Your Local Vape Shop

This one is a no-brainer. Even if it’s a little out of the way, make an effort to buy your products strictly from your local vape shop in town. This way, all of your vaping budget is going to keeping that place in business.

#2: Check to See if Your Local Vape Shop is Sponsoring any Nearby Events

Many vape shops sponsor local events as a way to get the word out. Find out if your local vape shop is sponsoring any upcoming events, and them make a point to attend in order to show your support.

#3: Leave Positive Reviews Online

Online reviews carry far more weight today than they did even five years ago. If you want to help your local vape shop in the comfort of your own home, simply leave positive online reviews on as many review websites as possible.

#4: Spread the Word

Finally, make an effort to spread the word to your friends and anyone else who’s willing to listen. You can tell your vaping buddies that they should make an effort to visit your local vape shop because it’s the very best one in the area. You can also tell your friends who are still smoking to visit your local vape shop because they’ll be able to speak with staff who have lots of experience helping people quit smoking via this new and exciting technology.

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