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3 Quick Factors That Determine a Successful Throat Hit for Your E-cigarette.

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Throat Hit

While MODs are the ultimate vaping devices, for some modders out there, a stronger throat hit is required to satisfy their vaping needs. If you don’t have a strong throat hit, you wouldn’t feel like inhaling anything. On the other hand, you’ll feel painful if it’s too strong. While others prefer the lighter hit, some prefer the more powerful sensation. Many factors contribute to throat hit when it comes to e-cigs which includes: quality, flavor, and nicotine level. From there, it all depends on your e-cigs beyond this. 

Successful Throat Hit Tip #1 from Your e-cig: Change Your Nicotine Strength
For you to have a better throat hit, the nicotine level in your e-liquid is key. Nicotine gives punchy-robust throat hit. When you use more nicotine, you get a stronger throat hit. High-nicotine e-liquids provide a very powerful throat hits which sometimes verge into discomfort. However, it could be what you need if you are switching from smoking. For those who want a bigger throat hit, choose the vape juice with a high nicotine level. Moreover, you should get the less nicotine level e-liquid if you want fewer throats hit. NOTE: Devices like these and the sub-ohm tanks used for them are too efficient at this service. For this reason, high nicotine levels may become too much to handle.

Successful Throat Hit Tip #2 from Your e-cig: Change Your VG/PG Ratio
The VG/PG ratio of the liquid used is another significant source of achieving the desired throat hit. VG produces less of a throat hit than PG does. So, for those looking for a smooth vape, high-VG liquids are ideal. Now, the PG throat hit isn’t as high as nicotine, and for this reason, it can get itchy with time. While nicotine can produce the better throat hit, it's the PG that makes it punchier. However, too much PG isn’t too pleasant.

Successful Throat Hit Tip #3 from Your e-cig: Change Your MOD Power Settings
One of the biggest impacts on throat hit is from the power of your MOD or battery. For vapers with variable temperature and wattage MODs, this is the primary concern. You can increase your throat hit if you use powerhouse MODs. For this reason, the throat hit is achieved through the MOD or batteries ability to adjust the vapor temperature. Thus, this has a multiplying effect on nicotine levels and PG content in your liquid. 

As you can see, in the continued quest for bigger clouds and better flavor, the throat hit has taken close to center stage for many vapers and modders out there. While it acts as the main avenue to switching away from traditional smoking, as well as moving up the vaping chain, it also brings another dimension to the user’s experience.

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