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Vape Ecig PG/VG

Those new, or those who are still in the early stages of vaping, have three main things to lay their focus on. They include: nicotine levels, flavor, and the hardware concerning the e-liquids that they vape. When vapers have gained enough experience with their new electronic cigarette or vaporizer, they’ll then shift their attention to the effects of the various wattage and voltage. For this reason, they’re free to move to the world of MODs.

Our focus though is on this end. You must learn, and read, everything concerning PG and VG ratios. The base of the liquid is one of the biggest factors of consideration often ignored by those new to the vaping community. However, there are also some experienced vapers who fall prey to this ignorance. You must consider the level of VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycerin), and a mixture of the two. Because the right choice of the glycerin is very much relevant to your vaping experience and throat hit, ignoring this caution is a grievous mistake. This action is also as important as finding the correct voltage or wattage setting of your vaping device.

VG and PG Characteristics

The e-liquid base has two main functions in the overall vaping experience. It plays a major role in the flavor. It also carries the ingredients of the juice. It’s the medium that determines the production of vapor and throat hit. However, the details about the PG and VG ratios are considered garbage by most inexperienced vapers. However, both VG and PG bases are safe and used in many consumer products. One of the main health issues to put into consideration is that most of the consumers are allergic to PG. for this reason, they’ll experience symptoms like stomach upsets, rashes, and hives. It also increases the chances of throat irritation to some. For these vapers, it’s important to switch to an e-juice that is rich in VG.

PG – is a non-toxic, thin synthetic liquid without a natural flavor. For this reason, you must carry the flavor additives to add to this liquid. Moreover, it has a longer life on the shelf because it is non-biodegradable. One of the major reasons why vapers like it is because it has a stronger throat hit. However, you’re required to increase the voltage to make it produce higher amounts of vapor. For this reason, it produces thinner clouds. If not regulated properly, it causes a burning taste.

VG – is a natural, thicker substance with a sweet natural flavor. The component has a shorter life on the shelf because it contains biodegradable e-juice components. When the VG is used to perform the functions of a base in an e-liquid, it results in less throat hit and the production of more vapor. While doing cloud-chasing tricks for instance, most vapers love to use this VG to create huge clouds and develop a smoother inhale.

Most manufacturers have discovered that putting a mixture of the two bases produces a powerful product. For this reason, the vaper will have a wide range of ratios to consider depending on what they want. If they want to chase clouds, they should consider the high VG concentration juice. On the other hand, they might consider the PG concentrated juice of throat hit is what they want to achieve. Moreover, you can control your throat hit using your personal mixture methods.

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