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3 Quick Tips for Proper Outdoor Winter Vaping

Posted by David on

Avid vapers don't stop vaping just because cold weather hits. However, the smart ones adjust how they vape outdoors to consider lower temperatures and weather that may not always cooperate. Just a few simple adjustments to how things are done, make vaping outdoors during the winter season just as enjoyable as it is the rest of the year.

Below are a few tips for proper outdoor winter vaping. Please bear in mind that vaping is a very personal experience. The tips offered here are only general in nature, designed to help you enjoy the best possible experience. Feel free to employ your own vaping strategies to make your experience everything you want it to be.

Outdoor Winter Vaping Tip #1: Keep Your Device Warm
Your device is your key to vaping bliss. During the winter months, make every effort to keep it warm when not in use. There are two reasons for this.

First, though e-liquid has a lower freezing point than water and is unlikely to freeze, colder temperatures still cause it to thicken. This could give your atomizer a bit of trouble on extremely cold days. Keeping your device in a warm pocket will mitigate any concerns about cold temperatures making your liquid thicker.

Another reason to keep your device warm is the simple fact that colder temperatures reduce battery life. The warmer you keep your device, the longer the battery will last. It is as simple as that.

Outdoor Winter Vaping Tip #2: Use a Good Lip Balm
It is common knowledge that cold temperatures are not good for the lips. Vapers have the added challenge of protecting lips that aren’t only exposed to cold air, but also the cold tip of a vaping device. That cold tip can lead to dry lips that crack and peel. The obvious solution is to use a good lip balm.

On especially cold days when the temperatures are subfreezing, it is a good idea to make sure your lips stay dry while you vape. Wet lips may stick to the tip of your vaping device on bitterly cold days with extreme wind chills. If your vaping device does get stuck to your lips, be very careful about pulling it out of your mouth. Go slow and steady.

Outdoor Winter Vaping Tip #3: Avoid Extra Long Draws
Colder temperatures affect the vaping experience by reducing both heat and throat hit. In other words, the heat your atomizer normally generates when you draw on your vaporizer may be noticeably less in cold weather. Such is the natural result of cold air encountering your device. Furthermore, you will experience a diminished throat hit because the heat is not as intense. Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to take extra-long draws to compensate for less heat and a diminished throat hit. Drawing too long, too often will reduce the life of your battery and atomizer. You will also end up using more e-liquid per draw than you are used to.

You don't have to stop vaping outdoors just because it's cold. You can still enjoy an excellent vaping experience by employing the tips explained here. And don't forget, Spring will be here sooner than you know.

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