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How are Vaping Buying Habits Changing and What Should We Expect in 2024?

Posted by David on

It’s hard to remember a time before vaping, as the industry is only just shy of 15 years old. However, many of us can easily recall those early e-cigs and pen mods that were high-tech for the time, before technology really reached a whole new level, and brands started developing a wider array of high-performance hardware, not to mention an endless array of tantalizing e-liquids.

Why Do Vaping Buying Habits Change?

Understanding why vaping buying habits change requires considering several multifaceted influences, such as these below, which can vary greatly from person to person:

1.Regulatory Changes: New laws and regulations, such as age restrictions, flavor bans, or taxes on vaping products, can significantly impact consumer behavior. For example, if certain flavors are banned, consumers might switch to available flavors or cease using the products.

2.Technological Advancements: As vaping technology evolves, consumers might shift their buying habits to try the latest devices or e-liquid formulations that offer a better experience or more convenience.

3.Social Perceptions and Trends: Changes in how society views vaping, influenced by media, social networks, and public health campaigns, can affect buying habits.

4.Economic Factors: Economic changes, such as a rise in prices or a decrease in disposable income, can lead to reduced spending on non-essential items like vaping products. Consumers might look for cheaper alternatives or decrease their usage.

5.Availability and Accessibility: The availability of vaping products, influenced by supply chain issues or changes in retail environments (like the rise of online shopping), can also change buying habits. For instance, if products become harder to find locally, consumers might switch to online purchases or different products that are more readily available.

6.Marketing and Advertising: The way vaping products are marketed can attract or repel certain consumer groups. Changes in marketing strategies, such as targeting different demographics or promoting different product features, can influence buying trends.

7.Personal Preferences and Experiences: Individual experiences, such as a negative reaction to a product or a desire to try different flavors or strengths, can lead to changes in personal buying habits.

The New Trends in Vaping That Will Carry into 2024

We’ve seen plenty of vape trends arrive over the years, with the market constantly evolving to offer more satisfying products than ever before – think salt-based nicotine for a stronger nicotine hit, or the development of 200W+ devices for bigger clouds than we once thought possible. We want to reflect on some of the current trends in the world of vaping consumers, to see what is going to be dominating the industry in the coming year.

Disposables are a Big Deal

First off, it can’t be argued that disposables are a big deal on the vaping market right now. Offering the most user-friendly and travel-friendly option possible, they’ve appealed to loads of people who otherwise never would have gotten into vaping. Disposables offer all-in-one systems that are ready to vape out of the box, with no need to recharge, refill, or adjust. And, one thing we can count on is seeing higher puff counts as well as more advanced features (adjustable airflow is a big one) moving into 2024.

Disposables are also going to reflect changing tastes in terms of flavor. It was common for disposable vape brands to offer only limited selections of flavor choices in the past, but now, with growing demand comes a need to develop not only larger selections of flavors, but better-quality flavoring as well.

Smaller, All-in-One Devices are Ramping Up

Besides disposables, the trend is moving toward smaller all-in-one vaping systems that are meant to last through various refills and battery recharging sessions. Obviously, pod systems are no longer brand new to the market, but they are evolving at a rapid pace. Once restricted by limited wattage levels, battery capacities, and cartridge sizes, they’re still maintaining their compact nature, while offering more diversity. You can find sub-ohm pod systems these days, which reach up to 80W easily, while having integrated batteries and cartridges rather than tanks.

At the same time, standard sub-ohm setups are also getting more compact and streamlined, showing a clear trend toward more user-friendly, travel-friendly hardware that doesn’t need to be fussed with much in order to deliver what is, at the end of the day, a great vape.

Salt Nic Reigns Supreme

Salt nic is still a huge trend on the market, which in fact shows us that it may not be a trend at all, but a mainstay. Salt-based nicotine emerged a few years ago, offering higher-potency nicotine that makes each puff of vapor deeply gratifying to those who crave nicotine above all else. Salt-based nicotine is what you’ll find in disposable devices, and pod systems accommodate it as well. More and more DIY vapers are opting for salt-based nicotine concentrates over freebase nicotine options, showing a clear trend moving toward one direction over the other. Of course, there will always be a market for freebase nic as well, and that’s not going anywhere any time soon.

TFN is Catching On

Tobacco-free nicotine (TFN) had a slow start, but with more and more top-notch vape juice brands producing TFN e-liquids these days, it’s clearly catching on. TFN is a synthetic nicotine that behaves identically to “real” nicotine, except it contains zero traces of tobacco compounds. The reason why it’s so popular is because it presents us with a cleaner, purer form of nicotine that’s easier on the system – or so its biggest fans say.

Say Goodbye to External Batteries

Finally, one trend that is hard to deny is the fading out of external batteries – again something that you will still see for a long time with certain devices, but not as commonly. More and more vape kits, including powerful sub-ohm systems, are operating for internal, integrated batteries that never need to be removed from their device. Instead, they can charge through a Type-C charge port, which has the added bonus of charging rapidly – more quickly than your standard multi-bay battery charger, for example. This adds to the portability and user-friendliness of a vaping setup, without sacrificing power in any way.

What Else Does 2024 Have in Store for the Vaping World? We are About to Find Out!

2024 is destined to be yet another big year in the vaping world, as vaping is here to stay, and companies will only find more and more ways to appeal to as many vapers as possible. Here at The Vape Mall, we are always going to carry the latest and most exciting products that the market has to offer, including starter kits, tanks, devices, coils, accessories, DIY products, and much more! Stay tuned to see what the new year has in store, and even consider embracing these trends above if you’re ready to upgrade your vaping lifestyle as you prepare for the year ahead.

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