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Why Does Vaping Inspire Creativity?

Posted by David on

The vaping industry sure keeps us on our toes. It seems like every month, there is a massive new trend that’s dominating the industry. And, unlike lots of other industries, the vaping world seems to continue to hit the mark with each new innovation. That’s because the driving forces behind the industry are highly competent, passionate and creative people who love dreaming up new ways to help people quit cigarettes.

Vaping Creativity is Always Evolving: A Look at the Most Creative Innovations to Hit the Market

In just a little over 14 years, we’ve seen an abundance of creative solutions developed for people who want to get off of cigarettes. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the first e-cigarette hit the shelves only in 2007. These days, after all, the market is massive and diverse, with something for every vaper’s unique set of needs.

E-Liquid Flavors to Satisfy Users’ Cravings

It all started with the e-liquid market, didn’t it? After the first e-cigs hit the shelves in 2007, users quickly got bored with the limited amount of flavors that were available. That’s when some creative geniuses decided to find a way to sell bottles of e-liquid flavors that could be used with more advanced, refillable devices. And, thus, the vape juice universe was born.

Right away, it became clear that bottled e-liquids were going to take off. Overnight, people traded in their e-cigarettes for sub-ohm devices so that they could try all of the tasty offerings that were available. And, hundreds of vape juice companies were quickly launched, each introducing their own line of delectable flavors. The market has continued to expand, and today, users can choose between any dessert, candy, fruit, savory, tobacco or menthol flavor that happens to tickle their fancy.

Salt Nic E-Juice

One of the newer and more prominent creative advancements is salt nic e-juice. It all started when it became clear that freebase nicotine wasn’t satisfying users in the way that cigarettes do. So, a group of researchers found that they could extract nicotine straight from the tobacco plant, turn it into a salt and blend it with benzoic acid so that it can be vaped. And, now, of course, nicotine salts have taken over the vaping community like nothing else that’s hit the market thus far.

TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine) / ZTN (Zero-Tobacco Nicotine / SYN (Synthetic Nicotine) / NTN (Non-Tobacco Nicotine)

TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine) is totally unique. It doesn’t come from tobacco whatsoever, as it was created by chemists synthetically. Therefore, TFN is also often referred to as “synthetic nicotine”. Now, we know that many people equate synthetic with dangerous, but this is not the case with TFN, as you’ll soon see.

Pod Systems That Keep Evolving

The pod mod system was developed in order to accommodate vape juices that were being made with nicotine salts. Some technologically creative companies discovered that low-wattage, high-resistance devices can allow those nicotine salts to feel nice and smooth yet powerfully potent. And so, the pod system hit the market with great success. And, now, of course, we’re seeing pod mods that are more advanced than ever before thanks to the ingenuity of highly innovative hardware companies. Pod mods continue to be more and more creative, now boasting loads of features that allow us to really customize our vapes in ways that we just couldn’t before.

As pod mods continue to evolve, we’re seeing more creative touches hit these deceptively simple devices. Temperature control, advanced output modes and the ability to seamlessly switch between MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) and DTL (Direct-To-Lung) vaping are all features that have made the pod-vaping experience more satisfying than we ever thought possible. And, this technology is still new, so we can’t wait to see how pod mods continue to evolve in the coming years as more and more people ditch their cigarettes in favor of these devices.

Innovative Coil Configurations

It didn’t take long before the industry realized that different coils could produce dramatically different results in terms of one’s overall vaping experience. Interestingly, a lot of the more creative coil configurations that we’re seeing today came from regular vapers who discovered new ways to twist wires in order to enhance their vaping experience. Alien coils, Clapton coils and other intricate designs have revolutionized the way in which we enjoy our vapor.

Truly creative vapers have taken it upon themselves to become DIY vapers, meaning that they build their own coils from scratch. This allows them to express their creativity like never before while learning more and more about the fascinating technology behind vaping. It seems like once every few months, a new creative genius emerges with a brilliant coil configuration that drastically improves flavor and cloud production.

Extremely Unique and Specialized Devices and Hardware

While pod mods and box mods continue to reign supreme, there are other types of niche devices and hardware that were developed thanks to the creative minds of tech geniuses. For instance, one vaper discovered dripping, and the rest is history. Dripping became popular enough that hardware brands began releasing their own versions of highly creative RDAs. Then, when the limitations of dripping became well known, companies developed squonk boxes that took this style of vaping to a whole new level. And, these days, we have a wide range of atomizer styles to choose from, each with their own fascinating sets of features.

Vaping Creativity Continues to Shine

Overall, the vaping industry would be nowhere without the creative forces behind the leading vape companies. As vaping continues to become a stronger industry, we expect to see even more innovations as time goes on. Until then, we can’t complain since today’s market offers an enormous selection of brilliant and unique products, which of course, you can find here at The Vape Mall.

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